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NCAA Football Rosters on PS3 – How to Download It

Electronic Arts is a fantastic NCAA collegial football video game swept by millions of players in the United States. Since its inception, more and more video game enthusiasts have come to it because they never finish development – every year they get new interesting features. These addictive video game features, in particular the latest versions of the game are:

– Dynamic Mode


– Fight Songs

– Tuned Game

– Special Teams

– Campus Challenges

– Creating and Editing Players and Names

– Released to PlayStation and Xbox

– Enables well performing players to lead (Leadership Control)

with true NCAA football and have now been redesigned, as we have already mentioned, is now available for modern game consoles, especially PS2 and PS3.

Many of the NCAA football enthusiasts will be more entertained by customizing their game by changing the names of players in their teams. However, there is a common novelty dilemma about not knowing how to download NCAA lists to their PS3 system. What? Are you one of them? Do not be discouraged here about downloading NCAA lists for PS3.

a. On the flash drive, create a folder for the PS3 to facilitate transferring from your computer to the flash drive.

b. Download the file to your computer. Download the file to the desktop using WINRAR.

c. Now insert the USB storage device into the computer bay.

d. Open the USB storage device. You should see a window on your computer.

e. Create a new folder on the USB storage device and name the PS3 folder. It's important to name your PS3 for the PS3 system to recognize the roster folder

f. Locate the file from the SAVEDATA file.

g. To save the file, drag the SAVEDATA folder on the USB storage device or copy and paste the SAVEDATA folder into the PS3 folder in the USB storage device.

h. To boot to the PS3 system, play the game without entering the system, launch the PS3. Just sign up for the username you intended for the roster file.

i. Connect the USB device to the PS3 USB slot.

J. Go to the PS3 menu to access the "Game" section.

k. Scroll down to "Saved Data Utility, then click" x "

1. Select" USB Device, "then press" x "

Select" NCAA Football 08 "or Any NCAA football game version. "Triangle" then "Copy"

n The file will be copied to the PS3 system's hard drive, only the NCAA 08 or any version will be pasted and ready for the freshly downloaded game rosters

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