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The Most Famous Painting (Oriental Poppies) – Georgia O Keeffe

The American painter, Georgia O & Keeffe (1986 to 1887, March 1986) was a pioneer "modernist". His unique approach vowed the accepted norms of painting and gave a new definition to "American Modern Art." Thanks to its expertise, American art has gained fame and recognition in a creatively competent Europe. The flowers were fascinated by Georgia and its favorite theme on the canvas. Keeffe painted "Oriental Poppies" in 1928. This impressive work has been declared a pioneering artwork.

Georgia O & Keeffe described his painting, which he felt in his mind and felt in his heart. The "Oriental Poppies" depicts two huge flower buds. 30 "x 40", this oil painting boast brilliant colors on a huge canvas that is impressive. O & Keefe used the main color of the petals in dazzling red and orange colors. The hollow middle and inner contours were painted with deep purple paint. The clever shading and velvet finish of the petals highlight the vibration of the flowers. "Eastern Poppies" almost looks like a close-up photo. Keeffe did not give any background to the painting to focus artistically on the flowers. In painting, the lack of contextuality presents them as a new light as a pure abstract. The "Oriental Poppies" broadcast a shocking surprise as if it were a hypnotic spell to the viewer. Georgia O & Keeffe thought that fast-paced people are alive, only looking at flowers, but never having noticed their delight. He wanted to experience the rhythms of such rushes and the real beauty of flowers. In his words, "If I could paint the flower exactly as I see it, no one will see what I see because I paint it as small as a flower, so I said to myself: I paint what I see, the flower is for me, but I paint it and are surprised that it takes me time to look – I will still occupy even if the New Yorkers take the time to see what I see about the flowers Oee Keeffe painted on a huge canvas with bold colors to shock the viewers,

Many art historians thought O 'Keeffe's "Oriental Poppy" was a response to Alfred Stieglitz's "Modern Photography" -dimensional method of replication The magnificent painting is about the talents and artistic visions of O & K Keefe The wonderful representation of the two regular flowers of Georgia has inspired ample admiration, and one of his most memorable works, now part of the Minneapolis Collection of the Minnesota University Art Museum.

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