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The holiday sale is a cold call script

If you were looking for a cold call script, look at this. Vacation for a purpose is a great money operation. People who initiate 1000 calls every week typically find 100 people who become 50 paid customers, like this one. Everyone here and there scattered the scripts, and that's no different. Sit at the sales manager for wording for approval, then try this script on the next 100 calls and see if that is the difference.

Hello, is there __________ there

Hello, my name is _________, call _______________ How are you today (Customer First Name)

I see you filled out the survey form and asked for a vacation in Hawaii

I'm calling you to make sure you take advantage of this discount Hawaii vacation offer Mr / Ms _______________________ what do you think

If you have pen and paper , I give you everything to start planning

My name is ________ again and this is _____________________________

This holiday package for Hawaii is for 4 days and 3 nights for Maui and your airline will be _____________________________. ________ for 4 days and 3 nights.If you need other airlines, we are a full service travel agency and we are delighted we'd be looking for another airline fare.

I know you do not pay for your personal expenses, do not pay taxes or service fees. Last time I went, I guess I did not pay more than $ 25.00 and paid it at hotel check-in.

I found only 11 holiday packages for Hawaii and I get other calls to make lucky people. Are you ready for today's great vacation?

Costs for two adults are $ 698.00 and must be paid within 6 months. As long as we are both younger than 21, you are heading to the sunny Hawaii!

Are you ready for your credit card or are you discussing with someone before you buy it?

Today I'm only offering this package today, so today you need to buy it, but it takes another 6 months before you go to a fabulous vacation!

Oh no, ma'am, there are no hidden charges or prizes. But now that you mention this, there's one thing I'll ask you about. When you get home, you drop a line and tell what was the most exciting, beautiful or most beautiful of Hawaii vacations?

Yes, you can attach a snapshot if you want. [19659002] When you're ready to go shopping, I'm ready to get my credit card and get them all set up.

Yes, ma'am, please read the numbers on the card.

I read

Now if you check your address, I'll do things in the mail.

Wonderful! Now write down my name and phone number so I can answer all your questions.

My ticket office can call you to check the spelling of your name or something else, I hope this does not bother

All right, they all have it.

You will enjoy that fabulous day, sand and sea! Aloha! "

Put time and words in a script to deliver the most efficiently you want to convey as effectively as possible. Use mirror and practice to sell your phone to yourself while all the words are comfortable and you can smile all the way The big telesales scenario is extremely valuable

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