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Positive and negative effects of colonialism

Colonialism refers to the expression of the nation's political command and the exploitation of economically exploited action. Powerful people are actually colonists, while natives make up colonies. In the 16th century, European states exploited their technological development and colonized the weaker areas of the community. Asian, American, Australian and African areas were underdeveloped and European states exploited them with raw materials and cheap labor. In addition, it provided the colonists with the opportunity to exercise their power and open new market segments. There are roughly two kinds of colonization, namely settler colonialism, where large immigrants living in colonies and the exploitation of colonialism are the places where the colony actually has fewer colonists but exports everything.

The more negative they are, the colonialism has merit. Let's talk about them briefly.

The Positive Effects of Colonization

European nations have largely benefited from colonization. Nevertheless, colonies learned a lot from developed nations as well. For example, education saw a whole new light when advanced nations reached the backward lands. The 3Rs method has been designed to focus on control, publishing, and arithmetic. The level of literacy has led to an increase in the feeling of nationalism and the creation of intelligence. Furthermore, with the spread of training their minds felt their land. The colonies have discovered what pearls they live in. In addition, they discovered the artistic form of protection. Colonies were helped by colonists to protect themselves against another enemy.

The infrastructure of colonies has also undergone a radical change. In order to facilitate the lives and trade of posted officers, colonies have been developed by colonists. This has led to the improvement of the livelihoods of the colonies and taught them the tools of civilized people.

Health is another segment that has identified a major transformation. By invading western people, Western lifestyle and health care have arrived. This was a much better anticipation with the life expectancies of indigenous peoples. Sewage treatment has improved and infant mortality rates have decreased. Along with medicines, Europeans also introduced new technologies that contained tools and weapons.

With the exception of everything, Christianity has risen. Colonists had a completely new market for Christianity. Colonialism also highlighted pre-community colonies. The feeling of banning dance has ceased.

Harmful Effects of Colonization

One of the major adverse effects of colonialism was slavery. Immediately from India to Africa, the police went to slavery and went to the motherland. He urged them to leave their jobs and their families without payment. This has damaged the psychological and physical independence and the colonization of colonized sites.

Along with the withdrawal of European nations, he colonized people who worked on slaves in their own land. Europeans persuaded the lands in the colonized places and forced the indigenous people to focus on them without payment.

The traditions and countries of indigenous peoples have been fired and banned. Sometimes the aborigines' clothes were suppressed. They have been forced to go to Christianity and talk about the mother tongue. Paganism and its associated beauty are lost. They have been forced to buy the goods and consume the food they supply. In addition, overseas attackers have brought many new illnesses. Unprotected systems of indigenous peoples could not bear more than anything that caused premature deaths.

Europeans, especially the British, have applied the gap and rule of law. For this reason, many new ones have determined the natives. People were blown up, kids and females bothered. Settlers never gave administrative articles to indigenous people. However, some of the lower posts were received from some of the selected ones. By doing so, the chosen people thought more and led to common conflicts and breaks.

The colonies have been eliminated by their natural beauty and the gems they offer. Diamonds, spices, gums, essential oils, ivory, gold, etc. They were removed from the colonies and exported to the motherland. The colonies did not have survival and earnings. In summary, it is quite obvious that colonization is much worse than really good, although this was an important stage in the development of the regions. Ashis Nandy's mention of Intimate Enemy: Under colonialism, self-destruction and restoration: "Modern colonialism was not so much his military and technical courage as he achieved his great victory through the creation of incompatible secular hierarchies of the traditional order."

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