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Laie Hawaii – a city for everyone

Last night when I started working, I could not stop thinking about last weekend and how it affected my life, our lives. Since there is no radio in the car, the beautiful view is reflected in every turn of the ocean even more honest. The football coach's inspirational words were spiritual reminders of the duties of elders at the priesthood meeting, his personal revelation of how important this is a good example. But no event affected anything more than the funeral of our beloved prophet.

On Sunday evening in the center of Laie North Stake, it was privileged to listen to the Lord's two humble servants talking about "Containing Our Standards". Steven Kaufus coach and Mendenhall coach BYU Hawaii finally convinced BYU Hawaii every year hoping for sport for one reason; "We are not looking for Athletic players." Mendenhall coach said he was looking for young people who did not compromise their values ​​and high-quality gospel, no exceptions.

Back to Kahuku, the elders quorum has gone through a kind of cleansing. In the past, I did not expect to be able to come to the Quorum of the Elder at the Clergy Assembly, but I appreciate the efforts of the new Presidency to force young young high school students to be accommodated. They teach the lessons in English and Samoan. In addition, he moved most of the elders who had been there for years to the High Priest.

As Kava's letter came out, he had some internal struggles that sometimes frustrated mental and physical exhaustion. I understand that this is the only vise that will follow every day. I also know that I am not alone in this battle; the Tonganian court almost bothered when President Hafoka read the letter at the meeting. The old men threatened President Hafoka and called names. For me, what is the most important question? The answer is CONSEQUENCE. I've allowed time to be involved in this battle, but I still know that all of us must be easy for young people and not be easier at lyrical Hawaii . If I only live longer than spiritual things for longer than the secular, then the decision not to give coffee's habits is a dramatic event every day.

When Spencer W. Kimball chaired, he died deep. I felt young, and at that time I believed that he would be the last prophet on earth. While eating at a restaurant, just two days before Kahuku High School (19459005) on a text and numerous boys, I received a great pain and sadness from the handing over of our Gordon B. Hinckley Prophet. Although I did not meet the man, he had a profound passion for the gospel, love for the members of the congregation, and for all mankind, with simple, pervasive words to be more kind, to be better individual. He was a simple man who made simple things valuable and important things. I miss my voice at the general conference, but I'm glad to have the opportunity to live in the service. I'm glad you're finally in love with her.

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