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6 Steps to Successful Program Development for Nonprofits


Programs for losing funding are the main cause of poor program development. Following the steps below, you will be able to develop the core components of the program.

first Step Overview Program Overview

What is the idea of ​​the program? Must be able to describe the program with simple terms that allow the reader to know what he wants to achieve. What problems are you looking for? Give a good description of what the problem is that your program is dealing with. Keep in mind that simply keep it!

2nd STEP – Declaration of Need or Opportunities

What do you want to achieve with your program? What do you plan to achieve? Who will serve your program and why is it necessary? There is a good need to assess the need for misleading information to support your ideas. You can do this with a survey or the results of another survey that has made a survey on the same subject. Demographic research is also very important. Find more details about the people you want to serve. The level of income and education can be very important. Remember that you are looking for programs that are similar to the suggestion.


How will you do what you say? What are the goals and objectives of the program? The goals refer to things you want to accomplish. The goals are the results of a program. Be as accurate as possible

4. STEP – Evaluation Plan

How will the success of your program be measured? How can you show how well your program works? Create activities that can be measured. For example, you can show how many people participated in the program by simply counting the subscribers' subscribers. Determine how the activities are evaluated. Pre- and post-tests, surveys and questionnaires, observations, focus groups and discussions are evaluation methods.

5th Step – Organizational Information

Who are you and why you can succeed with this program? Showcase who you are creating an organizational profile. The profile of the organization gives you basic information about your organization; Business structure, past experience and management team. Be sure to extend the information to the collaborating partners.

6th STEP – Attachments

Make sure you create a program cost that shows you all the costs and costs. It is also good to include the following information; Rebuilding Key Personnel, Project Plan, Support Letters, Cooperation Agreements, and Other Related Information


Take the time to good program development and prepare a solid roadmap for a successful program. Just step by step on the plan and do not be afraid to ask questions you can not answer. If you ask questions, you always have the right answer.

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