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Take advantage of the gravity center during bowling

Is it possible to improve development?

You're finally here! The banging of the balls glided down on the polished wooden boxes, the dangling of the pins, the delicious scent of the cafe and cheering that spells on the victory of its teammate … vigorously!

You knew it was a serious sport. Keeping your eyes, keeping your breath and hoping for the best when you throw a ball to the waiting spikes is not your best choice … and you know it.

But what's "pro" in the next lane, the ball shakes from one side to the other just to get out of nowhere right to the sweet spot and "STRIKE"! again and again.

The answer is simple. Using the ball's center of gravity, it's fantastic to check how the ball moves on the track.

How does the center of gravity work?

Of all the factors that can influence how the bowling ball moves on the track, the gravitational center means the biggest difference to the starting bowler. Look at the bullets in the pro shop. You will notice the small, colorless point. This mark indicates the bullet's center of gravity. At this point there are a couple of ounces of extra weight that allows the ball to roll straight when the sleeve hole is drilled. The ball hit the track without the center of gravity.

The clever hammers realized that by holes drilling down the center of gravity, the ball is harder on one side and the center of gravity is moved to the side. The ball reacts differently when it is thrown, hooked to one side or the other, so there are more taps to better control the ball and to find the pins. Wonderful!

How to take advantage of the center of gravity during bowling?

Local pro shop can help. When you go to buy a bowling ball, just look at the pro brick. Experience how many "off center" you have to stretch the ball depending on where you stand, how strong you are, the weight and makeup of your chosen ball, your throw and the right or left hand. You will know exactly what you need. And the best part … Most shops are freed when they buy the ball.

Utilizing the center of gravity is the first step on the way to being a serious bowler. The difference is that a bullet whose center of gravity is only set for you is the only major difference to the starting bowler and will help you develop the potential … with the next step in bowling performance. Show more scores!

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