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Successful coaches at the FIFA World Cup who have not played in football yet!

The FIFA 2010 World Cup, South Africa is upcoming. Football enthusiasts from all over the world are undoubtedly looking forward to a huge event that occurs only once every 4 years. The first event in Africa is the FIFA World Cup. The continent would become the host of the World Cup and would hold the center for about a month. So all 32 teams play against each other to win the race and set the leader of the world of football.

The football game duration is 90 minutes, but never starts and does not end. The agreements take a lot of months and the creation of a good, efficient and effective team depends not only on the players but also on the coach that controls the team.

32 countries will participate in the biggest football event, "and will be in South Africa after having played a number of qualifying games to get rid of the other teams in the finals. Each country has made the most important efforts to come to South Africa plus a campaign If you look at the record of the coaches participating in the event, there are unusual powers of the current football players who are currently pointing to the teams 30 coaches in the 32 teams have actually qualified for football

Probably more well-known than Diego Maradona, Argentine coach or Brazilian Carlos Dunga. Although there are two coaches who were coaches and not former players, namely American coach Bob Bradley and Brazilian Carlos Alberto Parreira, training for South African troops. Bob Bradley has been a member since 1981 About 30 years

In 2009, Bradley led the US team to the 2nd place in 2009 at the Confederations Cup, which won 2-0 with the world's best European champions in Spain, finished the 35 winning streaks 15 play attractive streaks.

The next coach, who is not a former soccer player, Alberto Parreira. He started his 24th coaching career. Since then he has led many teams and in fact has participated in five world cups. He competed in 1982 in Kuwait, lost 2 games, and one with Czechoslovakia 1-1. In 1990 he led UAE and lost all 3 games. After four years, he was proud of the world cup with arrogance with Brazil. The World Cup was in Brazil last year, but it was not up to the competition.

Currently, Parreira is the head of the South African team who is also hosting this year's World Cup. They play well. Both Bradley and Parreira have never played in football, but both are triumphant coaches, their remarkable career and many expectations. We also see that we follow both to discover their performance against the coaches who are all former footballers.

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