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Local Tips and Conversation for Beginner Business Travelers in Houston

The Houston SBA Resource Guide can be a great source of information about local regulations and relationships.

No state or local income tax for individuals. However, there is a corporation income tax of $ 2.50 / 1000 taxable capital. The public tax rate is 6.25% and local sales tax is 2.0%.

According to, Houston's top five employers are Shell Oil, Harris County, Exxon Mobil, Houston City and JP Morgan Chase.

Houston's climate near the Gulf of Mexico is mostly humid, generally with mild temperature ranges. The city is prone to hurricane activity.

Petrochemical, oil and gas supplies, steel, industrial gases, cement and synthetic rubber are part of the goods produced in Houston. Financial services, information systems and scientific research play an outstanding role in the economy. The story of Sam Houston and the celebration of the San Jacinto battle is an important Houston tradition, given that the city has won the name of the man who won the Mexican independence and won the way for Texas to become part of the United States.

If the grilled ribs, hot sauce, crayfish cakes or local produce offer anything else, say the best you ever tast. Likewise, if you get an invitation to a steak from Brenner Steakhouse or Texas Creole cooking in Houston Brennan, do not turn it off. Local meals are part of Houston's experience.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are the source of pride in Houstonians – they showcase the best of old ranch traditions in true Texas style. Everyone gets fun for three weeks while enjoying the parade, the concerts, the zoo and the carnival atmosphere. The World Champion Bar-B-Que Contest is an event that is unique and animal breeding is the biggest show in America. Even if you did not know the difference between bullfighting and bronco riding, then Rodeo Houston will be at the edge of the seat.

NBA Basketball: Houston Rockets (at Toyota Center)
MLB Baseball: Houston Astros (in Minute Maid Park)
AHL Ice Hockey: Houston Eros (at Toyota Center)
MLS Soccer: Houston Dynamo (at Robertson Stadium)

If you love your baseball for the comfort of your bedroom, try something new. Next time, when the Houston Astros home game is played, go to Alden-Houston Hotel, make sure you're 1008 and open the curtains. You can watch the game personally without having to leave the bed.


In the "Loop inside" or "outside the loop" you can refer to the I-610 or whether it is in a style depending on the nature of the conversation.

Most Mexicans traveling will visit Houston sometime.

The region is so diverse in the population that there is no race majority in Houston.

Taking into account all the money flowing through Houston, the city is still below the national average for living standards.

Howard Hughes, Sr., was the one who invented the rotating drill that allowed all oil drilling opportunities.

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