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Best Beach Holiday Destinations: Huntington Beach California

If you're on a beach holiday in sunny southern California, consider Huntington Beach. It is one of the best holidays in the world. There are so many activities that will have a fun holiday. You can easily surf, go golf, tennis, skateboarding or beach volleyball. There is really something for every sports fan.

If you are not one of the aforementioned sports and you want a bit of a relaxing vacation, or if you want a break on the big surf, why not try some of the following activities and locations?

Huntington Beach

Within the city or near Huntington Beach, there are plenty of sports activities available. Here you will find the Huntington Beach Art Center and the International Surfing Museum, as well as the infamous Surf Hall. These are both fun activities that can take an afternoon. It's worth checking out the great shopping in the city center, where you will definitely find the cool new flip flop or a new swimsuit. There are some great restaurants in downtown Main Street.

If you're really archery, you might want to try the Fashion Island shopping mall or South Coast Beach. These two malls are one of the world's best shopping malls. South Coast Plaza has a lot of great fashion and clothing stores and a great bookstore. If you are hungry and you need a break in shopping there are some great eateries around the mall and even in the mall. Why not try something else at California Pizza Kitchen or Wolfgang Puck?

With Kids

Get your kids with you on vacation because there are many activities around and around that can be fun. For example, Huntington Beach Central Park, which is the largest park in Southern California. It's easy to burn some of this childhood energy in this park. They will keep plenty of open space and scream and be kids. There are restaurants, picnic tables and even an adventure playground that is sure to tame adults as well.

Nearby Places

If you still can not find something, you can always experience a bit at Huntington Beach where you can quickly find a lot of great activities. Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Wild Rivers and Pacific Aquarium are just a 30-minute drive away and offer a lot of fun activities. Then, after a full day, have fun on the tours or go back to the beautiful peaceful resort of Huntington Beach for the beautiful fish.

As you can see, this is almost the most perfect vacation on earth. In fact, once you go out for a week, you never want to leave. Throughout the year you can enjoy perfect temperatures, great surfing, great shopping and great food.

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