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Spicing Your Sex Life With Sports

Ladies, has your creativity in the bedroom gone south? Have you already danced for your significant other, added food to the bedroom, or played a doctor / patient? Does your mate seem to be more interested in watching television than engaging in intimacy with you? Guess what ladies; your man is probably bored in the bedroom. He is probably very interested in making love to you but tired of doing things the old way. If you are ready to bring the sexiness back into your bedroom, then I strongly recommend that you consider learning how to call sports plays in the bedroom.

5 Reasons to Learn Sports Play

1. Your partner will never expect it: When you take time to sit down and watch a game with your man, start asking him questions about certain plays that are made. As he sees your desire to "learn" more about the game he loves, the more he feels like an expert. This is the beginning phase to foreplay.

2. Stimulate creative sex positions: Yes, ladies can develop sexual positions in your bathroom while calling out plays. For example, if your mate likes doggie style, then jazz it up by playing center and quarterback. Instead of having both elbows on the bed, you may want to pass it on to the ball, which is your favorite sex toy. This will help him get into his role as anchor of the team.

3. Gives partner extra stamina: If you ask any man around you who loves sports, there is nothing like a woman who is able to get into sports more than her man. If a woman is able to call plays and yell at the screen just as much as her man, it stimulates a man more. Why you might ask? Most women do not like watching sports for one reason or another. Now imagine calling out "par" in the bedroom. Your man will be so hot and bothered (especially if he is a golf fan) that even if he was tired he would find enough strength to do it again as he wants to be on top

4 . Connects you with your partner: Your partner would love to watch sports with him but knows that this may not be possible. However, if you are willing to add sports plays in your bedroom your mate will feel like he is connecting with you on another level. Just think ladies, how many women do you know that would add sports into the bedroom? I'm sure you can count a few who would but most would not. You would be the "woman" to beat as yes ladies, men talk about their sex lives with their boys just like we do with our girls

5. It's fun: You can have a lot of fun with the sports in the bedroom. It gives you new ways to let your partner know if he is in the right position to have you experience an orgasm or let him know if he is not doing it right.

If you are ready to spice up your bedroom with some new tricks, you may want to consider adding sports plays to your repertoire. It's fun, exciting, and will definitely please your man. So if you have never thought about sports in the bedroom and are ready to kick it up a notch, start calling those plays. Your mate will thank you for it and you will enjoy it as well.

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