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What is Erotic Power Exchange?

Erotic change of power in any situation where partners, in their own free will and in their choice, actively and intentionally incorporate the power element into their love (and usually have a great deal of relationship with each other). The erotic current transformer is mostly known as BDSM, S & M, D / s or sadomasochism, but these terms are too limited, misleading and too often mixed with stereotypes and mental illnesses so we love this as Erotic Power Exchange (EPE).

A holistic approach

Let us quickly explain our view and approach. Not in order to try to force you in some direction, but to explain where we came from, so we understand the way better, this online educational facility was created.

The erotic exchange of energy is a situation that involves – or often closes – the spirit, the body and the mind, and as a result will affect all three areas that together form the human being. As a result, we strive at each level to approach all areas of erotic power exchange, which are equally important to the fullness of the human being and all of them deserve individual attention.

Erotic change of power in any form or form can be any relationship. From tiny things like blinking when you love love 24 hours a day, in the seven-day bondage.

Its form and shape depend entirely on the imaginations, position, preferences, and bounds of the partners concerned. As long as the consensual, safe, sober and volunteer is informed, this is called erotic energy exchange. If these four items are missing, or they are all missing, they are called abuse.

Then erotic energy exchange needs a particular environment. Call biosphere if you like. What is needed is a very loud, honest and sincere relationship, intense and open communication, trust, many mutual understanding, open mind, lots of love and care, and a fair creativity. Which does not mean that the relationship is necessarily long-term. Even at a night station or occasionally, all requirements – though they are probably less intense – to make things work.

People often ask: what's wrong with straight sex? Why do things have to be added like electricity exchanges Well, there is nothing wrong with straight sex. But there are people – for example, yourself – who want more of their relationship. Maybe even more from life. These are the people who identify the power element, are in every relationship, and begin to work with it, magnify, play, discover, and experiment. Every day in life we ​​all need to deal with power. For example, the boss's power or political power, but not all of us are chiefs or politicians, or we need to be concerned with management or politics. The same applies to the power in the sexual / relational environment. There are some, some do not.

Being released to your partner may be a huge erotic feeling. Being relatively helpless and relatively helpless, and partnering with his own fantasies and dreams – some called this al space – can be both exciting, relaxing and exploratory at the same time. Pain, tickling and all other impulses – carefully and thoroughly – can pump the endorphins and cause the athletes the same feeling. On the other hand, the dominant partner will feel that adrenaline and serotonin flow freely through their body, giving them a very strong feeling and very intense and careful emotions at the same time. No, people who do this do not have to have the power to be able to have an orgasm or an interesting and rewarding relationship, but yes, they need the power to be present and used in their relationships.

umbrella for many different things

erotic power exchange is a very unique, personal experience. It is therefore very difficult to describe exactly what it is. The only element of these people – and this involves itself – is the fact that, in the sexual / relational context, they are fascinated by the power element because of their own individual cause. What they do, how they do it, and why it can be completely different.

The erotic power shift is an umbrella argument. A couple can fill it by throwing it into bed and the other fascinates the idea that a strange man enters the bedroom and seizes it and has a third relationship where anyone can serve. Many people are also looking for spiritual and personal development, which can result. Others have the kink. All this is fine as long as you feel comfortable and it will bring you what you are looking for.

Erotic power exchange is like golf: it's very unique, you're your own play and you are your own judge.

It's all about what you want to do. No need to copy. You do not even have to agree with what others do. This is your game, your thoughts, your emotions and your fantasy. This is what you and your (your future) partner are sharing. You can discover the limits of your mind and imagination in a very safe environment. For many people, the erotic exchange of power is not just about sex but about lifestyle. Most people who do it will realize that something very personal, something very belongs to you. For many, this is a way of expressing themselves.

Definition of Erotic Power Exchange

Probably the most dangerous thing is to try to find the definitions of erotic power transmission. In general, this leads to angry disputes. However, the POWERotics Internet Discussion Group (one of the largest in its kind) has succeeded in agreeing to a definition that seems functional and one to which a large group of people (Maledom / femsub-oriented) agree. This definition, agreed by the group, and the related comments.

* The erotic exchange of power is determined by voluntary and informed consensus actions with the consent of the parties.

* Volunteers are defined as: they have not received or promised financial or non-financial incentives or rewards in order to try to force or force affected partners to engage in activities that can not contribute to such rewards or incentives; otherwise they were forced or forced (by physical, mental, economic or social power or surge) to the actions of any of the partners involved, otherwise they would not contribute to the free will of all parties involved.

* Conscious consensus means that the partners concerned voluntarily opted for erotic exchange swaps prior to action and all the partners involved, in the best of their knowledge, made serious efforts to ensure that all other partners are reasonably well understood by both partners , which they have agreed to and the possible consequences and risks of such activities.

* Adults are defined as follows: their legal age on their territory or country. If such age does not reach the age of 18, the adult is 18 years of age or older. All of the above can be a little overwhelming – and in fact we agree to some extent. However, this is the first attempt to come up with a definable definition and although it is likely to be a little too legal for the community, it makes it perfectly clear that the lines between the consensual erotic transmission are an end and abuse or are completely sick or criminal behavior.

Stigma & Truth

There is a knockdown for erotic power, all of which are often used by lawmakers, erotic current transformers. All these are based on supposed psychological or psychiatric "knowledge" or "facts". The fact that none of these are true or proven. We collected the most widespread and compared them to the real facts.

"Once you start, you want more and more."

This is what the pseudo-experts demonstrate as the "step theory". In other words, once you have tasted the effects of pain, such as pain, you will gain more and end your excessive behavior and addiction. There is, in fact, no "gradual theory" (this term at the end of the 1960s is about the causes of drug addiction and the theory does not work in this area), if the erotic power is changed.

The number of facts is two. Like almost the erotic energy exchange, there is hardly any serious and published scientific research on this subject. Almost all of the EPE-commonly-named researches are conducted in individual cases or in very small groups. Conclusions based on such research are not valid for the whole group for simple statistical and mathematical reasons, if not different. Most of the research was carried out by psychiatrists and psychologists – in cases that are almost entirely related to direct help or major health problems. And almost every article is designed to help the therapist's therapy. General sociological research on erotic power exchange is rare and, if available, is primarily done in the gay community or in such small and country or specific research groups that no general conclusion can be drawn to a responsible person.

The third fact is that the reality of erotic power change is completely different. Those who go to the erotic energy exchange are usually experimenting with it, and in this experiment phase they usually want to cover every opportunity. As time goes by, emotions settle down, the pieces of the puzzle are replaced, and after their needs and needs – after exploring and identifying – they will stand to a level that usually meets the fantasies that people originally found. to get into the power of electricity, always has a traumatic experience. "

This leap is based on Freud, who – as we all know – tried to uncover all forms of human behavior – not just sexual behavior – and (early) experiences. His methods are called psychoanalysis and are considered obsolete and largely irrelevant in modern psychology .

Although it is a fact that people who are in the exchange of erotic power with historical abuses or childhood trauma have never found a general relationship. What is true in some cases is in fact not true as a general argument. Based on which research it was established that there are no significant differences in traumatic experiences in the erotic power transmission community than in any other group.

Recent research refers to both genetic impacts and creativity, and curious thinking as a factor influencing the development of erotic power-changing emotions and emotions. This research, however, is far from being definitive and, in fact, it is only limited to specific cases as much of the scientific research carried out in this area.

Another, relatively new area that can play a role in the effects of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones, natural opiates known to the body and generally known as "emotion" amino acids. Different types of endorphins create different emotions. Some of these blends are caused by fear, stress, and pain. The role of erotic power-changing emotions is not yet known

"The need for change of power needs to be seriously educated"

Again, a "half-freudian" misinterpretation and, in one case, was studied and published by Freud

. The fact that most of the people in the erotic power convert have received perfectly normal youth and education, and most of them come from families where the subject of sexuality was freely and openly discussed. Again, there may be individual cases when people are strictly – or sometimes very religious – educated, but whether there is no relationship between education and erotic power-sharing emotions is usually to be determined and likely to be very unlikely to develop emotions themselves

"The erotic power-changing man finds no other kind of sexual satisfaction"

This is a complete lie that is excessive clinical sadism and masochism (eg mental illnesses). It is true that serious mental distortions, commonly referred to as sadism and masochism (but not always), show this kind of behavior. The erotic current transformer, however, has nothing to do with mental distortion but perfectly normal erotic / sexual behavior between perfectly normal, well-adjusted, responsible adults.

People in erotic exchanges generally feel their emotions and feelings important, identifying erotic power change as a way of life, but that does not mean they are compelled to do so. The lack of compulsive behavior actually separates erotic power from clinical sadists and masochists.

In fact, in many cases, people identify erotic power-changing emotions that are completely different from sexual emotions or, for example, from an orgasm. 19659002] "The ruling men are only male chauvinists"

The fact that the majority of the ruling men are very caring, loving and open-minded men – just as the dominant women. The dominant position in the definitive definition of strong resources requires a lot of understanding, care, confidence and most interest in the wishes, needs and emotions of the stepfather's partner. What the outsider can look like is a very strict, direct, powerful, and perhaps somewhat aggressive, macho man, in fact, he is only role playing, symbols, and role, but at the very least he is always very caring.

The average subordinate partner when he is asked usually describes domot as a comprehension – he usually knows his humble partners better than he or she is supportive, cautious, loving and protective. [19659002] "Neighbor Women Show Us the Movement of Women's Rights"

Conscientiously and allowing the appearance of these emotions is a very confident statement and decision and a difficult and awesome process. Pityly women are usually very self-conscious and make very conscious decisions about their humility. All of these are just "prisoners" and, in general, they identify and accept lengthy processes as well as humble feelings and feelings.

Just as the dominant erotic behavior does not indicate general dominance, humility indicates that men (wo) show their fulfillment in their daily lives. In general, anything else will be humble, though it is a fact that while humble emotions have not settled down, humble women sometimes experience some of their humble feelings from other things.

The argument itself comes from hard-line feminist activists who try to separate women from other opinions as such activists, primarily because of the fear of unwanted influence. "People in daily life are humble in bed and vice versa"

Sexual / erotic behavior generally does not indicate any other form of social behavior and there is no proven relationship between the two. Dominants can occupy dominant and non-dominant positions in their daily lives, and the same applies to humble ones. The female leadership may be humble in the bedroom, the male sister may be dominant. The above statement is a classic example of stereotypes, mainly pornographic and prostitute stories that, by indicating that they are "socially important or significant clients" – actually try to market their profession and often resort to such arguments with a rather naive effort to social acceptance and in order to increase respect for trade.

"Erotic Power Transmission is Hazardous"

There is a story about accidents that happened during the erotic shift of force. The most famous is the story of a man who – after casting his wife on the bed – climbed to the nearest closet to jump on it, broke both legs, entered the enclosed closet and waited for the couple two days before the aid arrived. This story – like many others – is in almost every country and, like almost everything else, a tall story. Of course, anything that does not have enough knowledge can be risky or even dangerous. The truth is that a safe, sober, voluntary and informed consensual erotic exchange of power is perfectly safe, provided people know what they are doing.

The overwhelming majority of the population (more than 50 percent) actively remember the erotic power-changing emotions of fantasies in the early ages of power role play before their 18th birthday. About half of the group (in other words, 25 percent of all BDSM people) reminds us that such a fantasy before the age of twelve – quite often six or seven.

According to research by the POWERotics Foundation, women generally resemble erotic electrical fantasies and emotions on average older than men. For example, before the age of 12, remembering fantasies and emotions is more common (24%) in the women's group (men 16%). After the 18th birthday, recent memories are more common among men: 22%, compared to only 5% in the women's group.

There are no real differences in the importance of personal fantasies. 40% and 45% of both groups indicate that these fantasies have evoked erotic power-changing emotions. The same applies to the influence of books and general media on the development of such emotions. About 20 percent of both groups indicate this as triggers. The influence of the Internet, however, shows great differences. Almost twice as many young women (15% vs. 8%) call the Internet their emotions, while almost twice as young men (11% versus 6%) claim that pornography influenced them. However, it is important to note that both the Internet and pornography have a lesser impact than other motivations than private fantasies and general media.

Young women generally attach more importance to their erotic lives than young men. 53% of young women consider their lives important or important, while 44% of men consider it important, but other priorities. Less young men (12%) than women (10%) only experience erotic transmission.

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