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Crohn's Disease, Workout and Sports – Why Not?

Is there a way to stop Crohn's prisoner and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle like everyone else? Well, but that's not easy, it takes work, but I did it and you know it!

I am a survivor of 39 years of Crohn's disease; I'll be on December 60. Before doctors diagnose the causes of gastric tract, weight loss, low energy, and diarrhea, I would rather not leave the house. I had a lot of friends because I never felt good enough to join them. Finally, I was relieved of Crohn in 1971 by emergency surgical intervention to cut the thick intestinal tract into the small intestine and the ileum. I cut some inches from the small intestine and told me it would never be normal again.

Many of the symptoms of Crohn's disease stopped after surgery, with the exception of diarrhea and inflammation, but I decided that something should be done to improve my health and restore it to the normal state as soon as possible. Anyway, I always wanted to take part in the sport (before I was sick), so I started a day's workout. I walked, ran, cycled, played softball again, water / snow skiing, and even weight lifting. After all, painfully and only skin and bones were after surgery. I did not want to be healthier; I also wanted to look better. You know what, the more active I felt, the more active myself I felt and the more I felt I was doing more and more things.

I still experience some of the symptoms of Crohn's disease (who is not), but I can control them for any practical purpose. I'm almost sixty years old and I can do my best to do what I can do in the twenties. What is one of the most important secrets? I believe it's everyday practice. Over the past period, research has been carried out on the effects of pregnancy on Crohn's disease, and that's what I found.

The article written by Mayo Clinic stresses that stress may be related to Crohn's disease flare, but this can be controlled by exercise. "Though stress does not cause Crohn's disease, signs and symptoms can be much worse and may explode, stressful events may range from minor annoyance to movement, loss of jobs or the death of a loved one." Stress accelerates or slows the passage of intestinal contents , and in itself changes the intestinal tissue. "

The article continues that exercise is one of the ways to reduce stress." Exercise, even mild exercise can help reduce stress, relieve depression, and normalize bowel activity. "

NewsCanada one of the articles says that Crohn's disease can improve their health with abdominal discomfort. "Dr Griffin, MD, Dr Brian Bressler, Vancouver, learned:" It's not only safe for Crohn's patients, but also very helpful, helping to reduce stress and improves the feeling of well-being. "Dr. Bressler claims, "The low-intensity pedestrian program has improved overall quality of life for Crohn's patients without increasing symptoms."

To sum up, Dr. Bressler states that available treatments currently offer available Crohn's patients almost normal and can choose the sport or fitness activity you choose. – We have professional hockey players with Crohn. Dr. Bressler notes. So no, you do not have to be a Crohn's disease prisoner, but you have to take it and start your life with physical activity and exercise

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