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So you thought Break Dance was dead? Think again!

In the early 1980's, the break dance exploded into the scene and became a national phenomenon that officially turned the "hip-hop" era. Then, in the '90s, the popularity of rap music dominated the scene, essentially "dance dancing" from public lighting and back to the underground origin. This is where the break dance continued to grow in popularity over the past two decades – the development and evolution of a huge track that is now passing through the world

Break dance – which today is "b-boying" for "b-boys "or dancers known as" b-girls "are in fact a term for everyone who identifies the" break dancer "culture. The B-boy genre, largely unnoticed in the United States, is now popular as other popular forms of sports and entertainment. B-boy now generates millions of dollars in revenue on its live events, websites, and retail stores ¬ that sells their own B-boy videos, music, clothing, and related accessories, and searches on-line as popular sports and entertainment forms. B-boy entertainment is a viral, a bonafid phenomenon that re-emerges in the US

B-boy – technically the term break or beat-boy – the traditional break dance art, the gym and mixed martial arts , or the so-called "trick". The original form of dance that never died, as most people assume, simply went underground to find their own home. A place where the B-boys can shine themselves away from the negative aspects of modern Hip-Hop. He stayed there and had an incredible acrobatic style dance that often resembled an Olympic sport. "At the Olympics, you will not see subtle moves" – Ron Wilkerson / Monster and

In the middle of the B-boy competition, "Battle"; where two opposing sides – either teams or solos – face each other in the battle of dance. Numerous B-boys competitions include choreographic stage performances in which they are judged by creativity and attraction but the battle is still the basis of the B-boy competition.

RedBull & SONY® is the two largest and most important sponsor of the B-Boys competitions worldwide. There are dozens of large events every year, from major events such as the Battle of the Year and the R-16, compiling over 10,000 and 20,000 every year. Other important events such as the World B-Boy Championships, FreeStyle Session, Red Bull BC One and Beat Battles are a record for the thousands, and year-on-year.

These hi-energetic tournaments are incredible creativity, skill and agility. Battles, often with verbal choking, choking and chest bumps, are explosive and often resemble a WWE match. However, this was not written, and finally, with embrace and handshake everywhere, there is no respect and respect for the opponent … this is the B-boy.

B-boy exploded in Europe and Asia, singing the first set of Korean staff for "Last for One", featured in commercials, televisions, and in their countries as a bona fide celebrity. In fact, over the seas, B-Boy is a thriving market for the support and support market. So much so that SONY® Europe has released a B-boy game as Playstation2 (PS2) and PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming platforms.

Like most popular trends, the US lags behind, but there are very significant signs of a new kind of resurgence here. The leader of the road is the Planet B-Boy documentary, which debuted at the 2007 New York Tribeca Film Festival. The film reminds us of five of the world's top B-boy crews, the B-boys' races on the Grandfather Road, the International "Battle of the Year", the "World Cup", in the B-boying movie "" "The film adaptation begins in 2011.

There are several developments on television that highlight or highlight the dance of breaks that P-Diddy's MTV and WORLD B-BOY LEAGUE in a street-style dance competition in television "fight championship" style b-boys competitions

Local local level the resumption of break dances can easily be witnessed by visiting local high schools or colleges thousands of colleges and high school campus across the country cases, these are legit, school sanctions organizations that are on the side of the choir, k ltészetén stand outside and sakkján. Google has a "break dance clubs, colleges" are searching for dozens of organizations.

This article covers only the surface of the topic, but it clearly shows that the B-boy genre lives and flourishes today. It is undoubtedly a viable market and much more popular than the recognized one. Uncle's headburns and moonlight days have long gone. The B-Boy is not a pimple or fodder for the punch line. It is a legitimate artistic form, popular sport and a major element of hip-hop culture, which is far behind. Break dance never died, he just went home to change his clothes, and soon he will play again. "… an important element of dance culture that deserves legitimate respect or perhaps a slot in the Olympics." – Rich Cline / shadow on the walls

Article by Augustine Covert (All Rights Reserved)

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