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Management training in the contact center

Management 101 at the Contact Center.

I have found that training middle management leadership in the contact center is at best missing and, in the worst case, does not exist. As I spoke at a previous post, too many contact centers support only newcomers who have done a good job when a supervisor / team leads. You can not pass the keys to a new car until you know that one is willing to drive, but there are many centers that seem to work. Our middle management must be trained at various points in the contact world.

Today I want to talk about an important topic. Driving skills.

Many supervisors think that they get power and do not understand the DECISION EARNED. The Authority is reached with TRUST. How do you manage your trust?

Trust = competence + character.

The manager must help his supervisors through this trustful and extraordinary way. This starts with the selected items. Your job is to prepare the competence for supervision. The character is a little harder. I think we can to some extent change and shape the nature of our supervision. You also need to choose people wisely.

Your actions have a lot to do with your pace, tailored to your supervision. You are well dressed, is early in the day early (is it early for me) if you speak well and trust the reports?

If we have supervisors who have gone through our entire management training program, and we believe we trust our relatives and ours, we must now deal with them.

I believe that supervisors have full potential and need to address three key areas:

1) we deal with

2) deal with people – (understand how they understand how to deal with those with whom None

3) Manage Their Teams


We've roughly covered what this step is taking. Do you trust everyone you work with? If not, then our job is to polish and make stars. If someone is competent, though not easy, it is much easier than trying to eliminate the character of a person (though it can be done!), So it's very important to choose what you put into these positions.

These are so ignored, but we have to pay attention and teach the supervisors an appropriate way to deal with those who have no "authority". How do you handle business relationships with your peers, over them, and other departments? They treat them with respect and understand the positive example set by the reps or their handling is inadequate, which really makes it much harder for them to guide the team.

We do not talk much about this and play an important role in the contact center where reps are always with you. Trust me that they see everything their supervisors are good and bad. These links should not be falsified.


The last part of the leading center of call center deals with current relationships with team members. This is a very interesting dynamics. Remember, the authority can never be granted, it must be searched. Big deputies are not listening to the supervisor just because they said it. Mutual TRUST is required, which has acquired over time. We need to help our supervisor to be ready to take on this role before going to men. That is why I hate the promotion of blinds to supervisory roles without attending training.

I hope this gives you insight into the right leadership skills in the world of contact center.

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