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A good gym and fitness center etiquette

First, start cleaning the equipment used in the gym or in the fitness center. In many locations, cloth or paper towels and some disinfectants are offered for cleaning and sterilization. This simple 30-second procedure ensures minimal spread of infections and provides an attractive environment for sweat moisture, and so on.

Then do not be distracted. Yes, it's hard to work sometimes if there is a crowd, but it goes with the flow and shares it. Do not "bake" a machine, pad or area. Make the kit and move on. Talk to others to make sure you do not "knock" when they are still in the queue. And do not sit there and play your cell phone or iPod when you're ready. Exit if you have to, and let others get to workout.

Be respectful of how long you use the machine or battery in the control panel and get acquainted with others who can "float" using the same machine or item they use. There are times when they are asked if they can "work" with you. That's perfectly appropriate, unless you're super-set, leave it and turn around. You will start creating new friends and enhancing your gym and yours.

Do not forget the hydrate, just do not take a monopoly on the fountain. Do you have to fill your water bottle or canister? That's fine, but for those who just want a drink from the fountain to go ahead and not set a line if possible.

Do you call in your cell while you work? No problem, and this is your choice, but please respect others around. First, no one wants to hear the conversation, and the second time he talks in a noisy environment, he is inclined to speak louder with the person on the other end of the phone. Do not load others in private.

You can return to the device when you are done with this exercise. There is nothing more annoying than looking for something that was yesterday, but someone moved it and left the corridor or somewhere where it did not belong. Put the weights back on, wipe your car, put the carpets back on, etc. That the next person can find what they need.

Take a spark! If you sweat and start to notice the unpleasant smell, the ones around you will probably smell this and feel very bad. Try using a small amount of deodorizer or antiperspirant before entering the gym or fitness center. And on the other hand, if you are wearing a strong cologne or a strong fragrance perfume, try rubbing it just before your workout.

Wear appropriate clothing to work. Please do not carry excessive or explicitly anything. Enough to say

So whether veteran or just beginner, enjoy the fitness experience by following the rules of the simple etiquette. I see you in the gym! TEAM JAQT

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