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The Top Ten Rules! Coach code!

In top 10, we'll look at the files and what to do. These simple, but often overlooked, and often forgotten rules allow a much more enjoyable experience next time we go to your local gymnasium

1. As most gyms are often overcrowded during peak hours, be careful when using machines. It is very easy to take stock between each other on any given equipment. During the cardioversion, do not exceed 30 minutes on a machine.


There is nothing more brutal than an equipment that has not been deleted. Respect the equipment and other participants of the gym, wipe the sweat from the bench, the treadmill, or any other machine you are currently using. Most cardio stages provide disinfection spray and paper towels

3. Just because you do not feel like you do not mean that others do not. If you work hard, it will sweat and sometimes it will have a bad smell. Deodorize before and after, and regularly wash the gym's clothes after use.


This rule applies in particular to the weight of the gym. Not only do people need them to carry out the exercises, but they also need to be restored if something goes wrong. Keep your distance away and do not become a distraction when someone is in the middle.

5th TISZTA MESS (19459004)

Do not leave garbage on the floor of the gym either empty bottles, paper towels, chalk or wrapping materials. Always check the work area and leave it in the same condition you found it.


When you go to a gym, you always have to bring a double towel. Most gyms provide towels, but they are always smart to prepare. A towel must be removed and removed, the other for you.


No one loves the equipment they were just waiting to discover that they need to remove 360-liter discs. Furthermore, no one likes to look for a certain weight in the entire gym. Put the dumbbells, dumbbells, and other accessories when you finish them.


People go to the gym to work out and not look at you or anything else. To overcome yourself. T-shirt, shorts, sweat pants and runners are the perfect choice. Sports bras, shirts, shorts and sandals are not. Remember the onboard runners and lose your street shoes in the locker room.


It's a gym, not a bar or a restaurant. You are here to practice, do not talk to friends or get in touch. Do not stay away from the mobile phone, do not connect equipment that you do not use and try to concentrate.

10th Nothing will be more annoying and annoying than ringing cell phones, listening to other people's iPods on the headphones, the sound of dumbbells hanging on the floor, and excessive and unnecessary mockery and grumbling. Remember, this is a public gym, not a cellar.

Therefore, respect the gym, respect others in the gym, and most importantly, respect your goals and fitness goals, primarily because of it. Take care of the gym, and the gym will take care of you.

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