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Sports and water

When preparing your body for sport or exercise, never estimate the power of water. Water is the most important ingredient if you want a healthy body. Water helps the body transport nutrients and get rid of waste. Water provides critical lubrication in the joints and tissues. Water helps digest your food and regulates the temperature. So when you use sports or exercise, water is critical to safety, health and comfort.

The hard part is that determining the right amount of water is unique to each individual. There is no formula that tells you how much water you should drink before, during and after an activity. The amount you have to drink when playing or exercising depends on how long you will be active, how much you sweat and other individual differences in your body. But no matter who you are, there are some ways to be sure you get water in active water:

1. Take care of your urine. If the color of the urine is clear, it means that it is likely to consume enough water. Dark urine is a good indication that you need to drink more water.

2nd Step on a scale before and after it was active. If after the exercise the scale says it lost weight, the weight was probably water. Did you grow up after practice? That means you drink too much.

It does not matter that when you're doing sports or sports, be sure to drink plenty of water before it becomes active, be sure to hydrate during the activity and remember to charge your body's water supply when you're done. And always pay attention to what your body says.

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