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The difference between earthing and centralization and those that lead to balance

Being grounded means that you are aware of the earth and the relationship. In yoga and in martial arts, groundwork means using your feet while making a solid foundation. You can use your feet and your joining to the ground to feel your center of gravity.

Centering and Controlling

Focusing means that you need to be aware of where your center of gravity might be partially aware of your feet. But it also means that you unite your body so that each part "connects" to the next.

But the body is all ready to point out.

Yes, body parts are related, but due to the nature of our body, we can change the quality of the relationship between the parts.

By positioning our body on gravity or muscle strength (or combination of both), relationships between body parts are stiffer. This may be beneficial if we want to create a stability or base for an offensive action, but it can also be dangerous if the opponent can use the same stiffness as if balancing or throwing us.

combining parts of our body, rigidly linking each part, firmly positioning our center of gravity in relation to the whole body, firmly positioned.

If we do the opposite and is completely loose, then we can not stand up. We'll be like a sandbag. In that condition, we no longer have a center of gravity. Instead, the weight of our body is evenly distributed in our body, and if someone is pulling or pulling, our body does not move. Instead, it absorbs and dispels the energy that we have been doing with us.

With this understanding, we can redraft it by focusing on some parts of our body to create a center of gravity, transfer or disperse it as desired

Be Grounded and Sensitive

Meanwhile, what is grounding. We feel grounded, where we have a center of gravity, assuming we're sensitive enough. If we stand upright, then one part is stable and the other parts are not so solid. Stability can be supported by stability and somewhere between the two. The more relaxed we are, the easier we can use the senses, the more sensitive we become. If we are so gentle enough to feel our center and yet firm enough to guide our body and help balance it, we can balance it.

If we apply this sensitivity to other parts of our body, say our hands, we can use our hands to feel our partner or opponent. Then we learn to notice what they are doing and depending on how rigid they are, we can use our "relationship" with your opponent to help control them.

In real life, earthed and centralized, we can remain balanced by balancing the ground or partnering with one another.

We're connected to the merit of feeling. When centering, we control relationships. Both are present. In our presence, we can detect change in any form and we can create the desired change.

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