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Syracuse Orange Basketball – Position Position Preview: Center

Rick Jackson spent a lot of time failing production in the middle of last year. The point is Fab Melo's disappointment, and Baye Mousa Keita promised and was very limited and had a lean frame in the conference game. This season Orange does not need a security valve for Jackson if the other two are slipping.

Fab Melo

Yes, they were just show-offs and yes they opposed much-worse competition. But there are things that can be removed from these lectures. Fab Melo looks like a completely different player than the one who could hardly get up and down in court last year. It looks like a player who seemed to make three mistakes in the first five minutes of each game, 8 minutes, 2 points, 1 rebound, 4 errors (or something similar). Coach Boeheim has stated on several occasions that Melo was not in the right position to stand up and down in court. However, Fab came this year thirty pounds lighter and renewed with confidence. It looks like the part now. Up and down the track, without any extra breathing. In the zone it spins, stands on its soil, without making physical mistakes and dare to say it is in fact a decent boost. The middle jumper is something Orange fans have not seen in the middle position since the days of Elvir Ovcina. If you are a straightforward attack on the attack, good backsliding, staying in trouble, and having a force in the zone, this team gets to a different level. Yes, there will be a game where you are struggling. Everyone is doing it. But I like this look in his eyes this year. This is the determination, the trust and the knowledge of the system. It's completely different from last year. On the basis of the experience so far, I expected enormous progress. This does not mean that it will be All-American or Big East 1st. But an average player who plays. You must be able to play 25 minutes per game. This will allow Keita and Christmas to share the remaining 15 minutes. If Fab is not playing well or going back to the mystery last season, Syracuse is still a good team. If, however, he is the one we have seen in the exhibition games, then Syracuse can be a championship team.

Baye Mousa Keita

We all know Keita's books. High, long and sporty. It's good on the glass and you have a trick of shots. Attack is limited. There was some improvement, for example, when he found a beard in the first preseason game. It certainly raised his eyebrows. But since he is a security center and probably does not count for 25 to 30 minutes of gameplay over most nights, Orange does not have to do more than an attacking production. You need to come in, play well in the zone, blush, block the shots, and control the defensive tables. This would be great for a team with a large number of offensive talent. Hopefully, he will be able to pick up the big Eastern season with better equipment, which undoubtedly brings him, as he seems to be returning to the end of last year. Its slim frame is a cause for concern, but as long as it is not necessary for 30 minutes per game, it must have its role. And it seems a bit hacked but not huge. It's just a thin guy, and that's okay as long as he's prepared for the scourge.

Rakeem Christmas

When Boeheim decides to be small, Christmas probably has some time in the middle. This was what we saw in the final season against St. Rose. This lineup is in the focus, Joseph and Fair in forward-looking places. This lineup is faster and more sporty. This is a great opportunity to face smaller teams with which Orange normally faces the season. In this role, Christmas will count on playing a similar role in the way described above with Keita. Play in defense, block shootings, generate traffic, and direct the glass. Leave the faster, more sporty Orange to get off in the break and provide easy transition options. This is the name of the game. Christmas skills suggest that you can play this role very nicely.

Orange is in the middle of the depth, but it is very young and raw. Fab and Keita are the most experienced players and this can be awesome. But talent and potential are there. The leap from giant people from second to second year is gigantic for development. It must be that they live in the pre-season hype

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