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Jumping Stilts – Is the latest "Extreme" sport extremely dangerous? – Here's Real Scoop

The latest extreme sports equipment bounces – extremely dangerous? A glance at these radical new type of stalemates makes each parent fear for the "baby," which is almost one. – Not my kid! it could be a very typical parental reaction after seeing the hailbands for the first time. Whatever a person 18 cm higher than what seems very small "crevices" at the end of very long springs, can not be safe, right? And every parent who celebrates presents Google research to find out what Johnny is talking about with "jumping storks"! in the list of yes-I-really-a-good guys, he found the curious YouTube videos that flew from crazy young people in the urban landscape, flew and bang like dreaded maniacs while wearing helmets, cushions, or even shirts!

So seriously, can you believe this wild new extreme sport is not safe at all?

It turns out that the nervous parent is that the extreme appearance of jumping booms does not pose an extreme threat. Yes, you can breathe now … …

For this reason: The inventor, Alexander Boeck, a German aerospace engineer, has long and hard thinking of creating these crazy cockroaches and creating them so when they stumble into them and stand tall, the fluffy leashes are under your center of gravity. It's a lot better than the dumb, regular cockroaches we all tried as kids, which seemed to be passing, because its center of gravity was inside the chopsticks, which was unpleasant for walking. Most people who have tried bouncing balloons find it surprisingly fast to be very comfortable and balanced on the balloons.

But you tell your worried parent that the fact that your baby can ever get out of the way and since he or she is now six feet tall – well, is that far?

A good point, dear parent, so every athlete's expert says "wear your safety equipment, without exception!" and "never try tricks on cockroaches that you have not tried in the gym!" In fact, most bockers (called in honor of the inventors) will be told that their security equipment – the helmet, wrists, elbows and knees – have been rescued from scratching and bruising several times and did not go without them. They also learn to master the tricks first – on a trampoline or a gymnastic spring bench – and even when they use carpets when they first try the same new tricks on storks.

Think back 25 years you remember what a crazy snowboard? See how normal it is now? Hmm … can the new sports always look more dangerous just because they are new?

Are injuries injured? Honestly, yes, and usually this is because they pressed their boundaries (or knew) or did not set up their security equipment. Gravity always wins when trying to fool you. The point is that – just as in any extreme sport – the equipment itself is no more dangerous than a baby rabbit rabbit. Using the equipment that determines the level of danger and potential injury, with proper protective equipment and some common sense rules, Johnny will be as safe as you can when the world's excitement as a trampoline is the new bocks that he showed at his feast.

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