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Dr. Tod Sweeney, MD, Sports and Family Medicine Colorado Sports Injury

Dr. Tod Sweeney, Colorado, Colorado Sports and Family Physician, Arvada, Colorado, is a lifestyle that is called "Healthy Patients, Healthy Doctors". As a fan of hiking, running, cycling and skiing, Dr. Sweeney competed at events such as The Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. An Indigenous Colorado, Dr. Sweeney attended the Medical School at Vermont University and completed the Family Medicine Medical Center at the Maine Medical Center.

Former University of Pennsylvania is a baseball player, passion for athletics in the medical empire Primary Care Sports Medicine scholarship at Colorado University. The boarding school at the Department of Family and Sport Sciences is practicing the traditional feeling of the general practitioner with the benefits of sport science and advanced medical technology.

Dr. Sweeney is an excellent lecturer and writer sharing knowledge about medical conferences across the country. Many local sports teams and local high school teamwork. Dr Sweeney helps a number of local athletes who are injured and prevented. He also had a Clinical Instructor at the University of Colorado Health Science Center.

It was very fortunate for Dr. Sweeney's watch to be asked for a couple of minutes of common sports injuries and treatment. Sweeney, what are the most common sports injuries you see at the clinic?

Dr. Sweeney: We see many different sports injuries, largely based on our training background. My couple and I were originally trained in family medicine, but both of us did not have operational scholarships in Sports Medicine. We can see many larvae and strains, many kneeches, low back pain, rotating cuff injuries, and a lot of concussion.

Doctor, there are generally-formulated convictions that involve these types of injuries. do people do bad?

Dr. Sweeney: For example, with concussion, many people think you have to lose consciousness that you have had concussion. That is not the case. The other thing with children, because of their open breeding discs, parents often do not realize that this is anxiety and something that needs to be taken into account in the assessment.

Are there situations where you meet where patients are unknowingly contributing to their condition?

Dr. Sweeney: If we return to your first question, which is more common in sports injuries, excessive injuries are actually very common. This is often a problem where the athlete or individual is too common or too intense or the time is inadequate. Perhaps they are unknowingly contributing to excessive injuries in activities that are too intense or too long.

For example, some of our persistent athletes find that they sometimes try to pass the pain when they actually limit their activity to minimize further injuries. Many times, with excessive injuries, they reach the point where you become a question that really neglects them.

Is it possible to handle injury and remain active? Sweeney: Yes, yes. Most importantly, you can do activities that do not delay the recovery process or cause further damage.

Doctor, is there something people need to do before they are looking for sports? Sweeney: I think the doctor's research. It is important to find the right medical training and the athletic medical certificate.

I think the patient should also aim to know what the diagnosis is, what is the prognosis and what treatment strategy is. So I think the goals are key, but surely to find someone who is well-trained in the areas of concern.

Doctor Sweeney, thanks for pointing to athletes and treatment. Sweeney: It was my pleasure

Dr. Tod Sweeney, Colorado, Colorado Sports and Family Physician, Arvada, Colorado, available at the clinic at Arvada, 720-898-1110. The clinic website is the website of and sports concussion at

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