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Volleyball Exercises – focusing on serving


When I'm looking for a new drill for rodent practice, I sometimes group groups of drills that focus on the same skills and use half of the midrange use of regular exercises and half the spotlight skills. The following practices highlight service and are a great way to improve the team's readiness and accuracy. Good service is crucial to winning the volleyball match and you will see progress in your team's ability to run on the following exercises.

Thanks to the service of Golf I want to shout "Fore"

Serving Golf is the first server drill for volleyball practice. Before you get any wild idea from nine iron and sand wedges, the game is similar to golf just as it was your goal. Begin by distributing the court to six areas, either mentally or with a masking tape. The court district is as follows: Area 1 is Right Rear, Area 2 is Right First, Area 3 is Central Front, Area 4 is Left Front, Area 5 is Left Rear, and Area 6 is Area center rear. ] The drill is designed to serve individually at each location. You have the ability to try as many players as you need to reach six or players will serve a ball at the same time and track where they are aiming. Be sure to count the number of services that each player needs to hit all areas and finally add the number of services for the final score.

This drill not only serves the confidence, but also forces the players to serve exactly, which is a great way to take advantage of the weak points of your opponent's team, continually serving the weak player of your team.

Up Next – Servers vs Passers

This fun game is great with 19459005 volleyball practice . Though this is a 1-on-1 game, you can play up to 6 players at the same time. To start a drill, a player should stand on the line while his partner is directly opposite the other side of the net. Player 1 is the server and Player 2 is the Passer. The third player is placed in front of the center to serve as a goalkeeper.

In the beep sound, the server serves the ball in the direction of the passer. If the service is within the stairs of a passer, the passer must pass the ball in one of the stairs of the goal. The point distribution is as follows: We give a point to the server for a good service and we get a point for the passerby for the perfect pass. Once a player reaches 3 points, he moves the targets to the target and both sides start the game with zero points.

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