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Various types of shots are made of Pool Cues

Player uses the cue stick in the pool or any other sport to make different types of footage. Knowing each shot is essential to the advantage of the game.

In the language of cue patches, shoot the balls using the cue stick. There are many possibilities in the pool and other cue sports. Interestingly, there are different types of signals with which these recordings are made. The next conversation is about the main players in the pool and other cue sports


The first shot of a pool game is called the break. The purpose of this shot is to separate the originally assembled spheres.


Usually a bank is called a bank shot to drive object balls to one or more rails,. A variation of the shot is the 8 ball using the ball 8, which is to be captured by the 8 balls at the bank shot.


This is a shot, centered, but plays at a certain angle. The rear cut and the pen shot are two subgroups of the shooting shot.


A shot shot where the player finds a cue ball under his equator, with sufficient drag or rear spin,

The shot that uses a sufficient top centrifuge to make the equator [19659002] Jump

This is an interesting balloon jumping to get to an obstacle


Describes the shot in which the ball is on one of the paths before it reaches the object ball


This is a shot in which the ball's direction is completely reversed as the ball produces extra spin. A half-massive shot with a moderate curve in the direction of cue ball

There are many other recordings that we can teach over time. Start with the above mentioned in the beginning to keep the game.

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