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The top five donations for fitness-related promotions

Fitness is a big business these days, and many promotional campaigns focus on getting and restoring. Whether you are a new health drink, fitness club or awareness campaign to keep people moving and healthy, there are promotional products that are ideal for fitness related campaigns. Here are five of the top promotional items of fitness promotional campaigns.

Promotional Sports Bottles

Promotional Sports Promotional Gift Pack for Sports and Fitness Campaigns. Promotional sports bottles are among the most common items. With a wide selection of sports bottles, it is easy to find the style and class of promotional sports bottles that fit your company's image and budget. You can choose from aluminum or polycarbonate materials and from manufacturers such as Sigg and Pulsar. Promotional sports bottles are ideal for leisure and fitness promotions, for any age group or professional persuasion.

Training Bags and Backpacks

Ideal for fitness clubs, gymnasiums, schools and clubs promotions, gym bags and backpacks. Whether you sell them as an incentive gift or sell them to your fans and supporters, promotional bags are an ideal gift for fitness-promoting promotional campaigns. Walking is one of the healthiest activities anyone can do. In recent years, an attempt at 10,000 steps per day has been popularized. Everyone seems to have pedometers during their working day to report their steps towards fitness. Put your name on the belt loop – promotional pedometers are one of the hottest new promotional products on the circuit. Ideal promotional items for insurance companies, health insurance companies, clinics and healthcare professionals. Different ranges of pointer counters are widely found in pricing and styles to better fit your advertising budget and corporate image.

MP3 Players

The MP3 players feature a great look at events and promotions from everything from chic to cars. They provide great promotional or incentive gifts to health clubs, sports clubs, and other fitness centers. Music brings with it the way we work today – and an mp3 player that enhances brand visibility and influences corporate image with the company logo.


Promotional stopwatches are another popular new item that fits well with your health or fitness campaign. Ideal gifts are given as gifts to club members or thanks to athletes who participate in a charity event for promotion.

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