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Homework Club – Help after school programs

Many after school programs offer homework club or lesson. Some people need this, and some people add that they add their useful daily programming. Whatever the reason, it may be quite challenging to have a successful homework done after school. Here are some tips for getting a successful homework.

1) Establish a Parent / Staff / Student Housework Agreement: Expectations should be clearly stated in the agreement. Be sure to sign and keep the Parent / Child in a safe place. Important Issues / Considerations for Consideration and Recruitment of the Agreement:

– Are registered children obligated for the duration of the homework?
-Specific policies and procedures are clearly outlined and parents are aware of it.
– How long does homework last?
-How many staff supervise homework?
-Center tasks – are they responsible for performing or correcting a homework?
– Center includes materials such as pencils, rulers, lined paper, dictionaries, etc. Provides the center. If so, note what is being given

2) Give daily logging / HW Time and place it in the parent area at the end of the day for review

3) Provide a suitable Homework Environment – Ideally a room with tables and only devoted to homework. If there are many students or mixed ages, it is worth making a seating set. Try to minimize interference as much as possible. Set in a corner where children can log in and view pencils, paper, dictionaries, rulers, wipers, and calculators (optional). It's best if you do not have an electronic arm in your room, as this can be quite confusing. Try the staff to make sure that their pencils are armed and, if necessary, manually armed, which is otherwise much more expensive.

4) Introduction of Discipline Policy: The goal is to provide an atmosphere that will help everyone carry out homework. Build the Homework Team Discipline Guidelines and be consistent with their implementation. Example: 3-Step Guidelines When Children are Disruptive 1) Verbal Warning 2) Move It 3) Discharge from Homework.

5) Rewards and Incentives: Reward Positive Behavior during a Homework. Try to recognize not only good behavior, but also how much they are constantly concentrating on and concentrating on their Homework. You can use a Smiley sticker table, and a homework can count as a half after earning a certain number of stickers. You can also set up a WOW table that shows the star work of the kids.

6) Interrupted before the chore session, try the old school at intervals of 15 to 20 minutes when the homework starts. During this time, children can relax, chew, and then focus on their work without burning.

The best luck to have a successful homework in your program. As with any child program, you might want to modify or modify some things that match your program needs.

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