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Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

As long as I remember to focus on school, and cultivating a positive attitude on the hilltops, unfortunately, only a few are ground.

Today it is about being "cool" or "hip". It is about showing the right "picture" about how you will be able to impress the girls or one of your companions. The team is about being the youngest player on the basketball court or on the soccer field, with a stupid hairstyle or string or a gangster tattoo or Fubu cloth or expensive Nike trainers or gold chains or rings, Egyptian saggy trousers or sports car.

Of course, girls are not immune, they are also tempting to "bribe" good times and pregnancy! But most of all, boys – a new generation of black people – are a real and sometimes deadly threat. It may be an exaggeration to say that sport can be considered as a new form of mental and physical slavery. But is this? Probably we can say that because it's attractive and starring, sport has a powerful influence on our young people and that it is undermining it in some ways.

All right, say, keep things right. Is there nothing to frighten the truth? After all, it's just a game. And can we really carry this sport to media giants, sports kits or fashion houses? Accepted, they have power and influence, but are we not those who are willing to buy their products, services, and who allow us to use it?

He's as strong as the media; As tempting as chatting with instant success Nike instructors or a NBA or NFL contract may appear, the reality is that most parent and child will not take up the hype or fool the lies. In other words, the choice is ours. And many of us have taken a stand against the seduction of sports, recognizing that one of Michael Jordan, or Venus, or Serena Williams, or Tiger Woods is a non-generation generation.

The overwhelming majority of young black men who take part in sports and fashion media play basketball or football. Almost undoubled these "coolest" sports and black presentations are obvious. Some of the players who have their performance or revenue (the two usually work together) superstar leagues are the new emblems of success and the role model of every young black man who sees their imagination and sport faces as a light ticket from the ghetto, classroom or parents dictated by boring life. generation.

What is most concerned about is the way in which many young black men's training opportunities seem to be stolen. Of course, those who engage in professional rankings recognize the importance of scholarships and college education. But the stories of cooked classes and stars that read or write hardly are too glamorous as fantasy.

But perhaps even more important is the "light confession" that can paralyze our children or otherwise infect our community. Hey, they say and think they do not have to work too hard. Just play some basketball. Do not worry about school. There's nothing wrong with practicing jumping all day in the park. Homework? What is this?

Forget who should require classes? Just work on the Harlem Globetrotter skills to skip, dunk, drift, go over, drink milk and Oreo cookies and think about Michael Jordan's successes. No problem. You will do it!

And my prayers are with you. But the reality is that you probably have a better chance of sitting in the White House and appointing a completely black cabinet as the next Michael Jordan, Shaquille O Neal, Allen Iverson, or any of the other top basketball stars currently in the basket.

Be real.

And this is the problem; the cloud of unreality that tasted our thinking and dazzled our vision. And without awakening, and soon, our collective blindness can bring our children to the Kari ghetto, without the need for education, limited facilities, on a fast train. And you do not have to think too hard about the usual passage to drugs and criminal justice.

Most recognize and accept that the latter two are scared of many communities and we regularly hear people who crack crack cocaine or the unreasonable number of black men behind the grid. You rightfully recognize these "truths" as evidence that maybe not everything is OK with society. But the personalities of politicians, community leaders, or conscientious media have not yet left the climaxes, so the shift from school norms to the simple path of success can be a real modern curse.

If they talk about this, they should whisper. Or is it, or I'm slowly deafening! Of course not all sports stars are good and can be a terrible bad service for the talented, talented and aspiring among them to say that most athletes are nothing but too much money and too little of their own good. While stereotype is still popular, it is still largely unrelated to the media focus and misrepresentation.

There are many young, bright, articulate, educated, conscious young men and women athletes who serve as a positive example for the next generation. However, it is unfortunate that these interviews with people or their real-time media services outside and outside the court or field are far from each other. It is much easier to focus on their athletic talents and to promote their star quality. Having done all that sells the tickets and increases the value of the individual for the promoter, the owner, the driver, the coach or the television network.

All the positive attributes that a Michael Jordan can flush with and the speed at which the selected individuals are catapulted onto the world stage and sometimes transformed into American icons over and over and over how many sons or daughters will truly believe will ever have the same to achieve success?

If your answer is a million, then you understand the tough reality. The reality is that the media allows relatively few players to step up. Like in Hollywood, it's much easier to work with a hero. The same formula is followed to some extent in the sport world.

The script was written; the players are gathered and only one athlete can play a leading or superstar role.

Is it a miracle that sports "stars" almost routinely look to Hollywood, support products, or the music industry to further develop their careers? But credit the credit.

There are some real success stories. In most cases, silence and silence, who have stopped listening to the media and who focus on their family, their careers and their future in this order are usually not the things that make legends. You will not find that such individuals are promoted in the media. And there are some stars who have gained a certain reputation in their stereotype lifestyle to bring their lives and business results to success.

Magic Johnson is perhaps an example. On November 7, 1991, he returned to the fact that the world of sport was convinced by the announcement that Magic had the HIV virus. The news was shocking. It was at that time when many HIVs had a certain death. Now, a decade later, Magic is a major force in business with a $ 500 million business portfolio reported.

Many communities have such a richer effort, and no one can take away the public's success or the importance of entrepreneurial magic. Nevertheless, I always find myself faced with such stories of success and material wealth as to how much more stars and leaders can sponsor fellowships or by linking their names, talents and riches to charter schools, colleges and universities, after-school care programs, mentoring programs, summer camps, space scientists, foreign language learning programs, cultural exchanges, school computers, science and technology initiatives, hospitals, clinics, development of decent tenancy, libraries, urban renewal initiatives. The list is almost infinite and the benefits go far beyond the black community.

But how do I know they do not do such things? Just because we can not hear it does not mean it is not? Right? Forgive the grammar, but the point is fine. They may do all they can, but nobody speaks. After all, does this Bible not encourage you to talk about humility and your left hand does not give your right hand what you are doing? Well, how can we hear so much about the proposed wealth of the stars and so much about their "good" acts?

Certainly, declaring these good deeds is an effective way of making an example.

I mean, let's be realistic if no one knows what these people do, how can we expect to say, "Hey, brother or sister is concentrating on something positive or investing time and money in the community, in the future, in our schools, in learning, how can they lack us without their role?

As I see it, until we begin to see more visible examples of such investments in people and communities, we waste everything in time without seeing these institutions and building constructions that come from the ashes of deteriorating communities, as long as you are conscious, singer and children's minds, and repeated statements about building durable institutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even the success of Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan can no longer be seen as the weaknesses is a rich man who can be one it is easy to simply throw away extra cash for the richness of other rich people.

While no athlete or media player is required to support public works and be able to invest heavily in cash or elsewhere, we all know that many of the initiatives mentioned above, and that this is done through private foundations or investment channels.

Like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, and Whoopi Goldberg among others have long been in contact with the positive, if not always, public, kindness. Well, it's time to get out of the closet.

The point is that the dangers are so great that what we need now is to set up a public campaign to help our children's apathy and the acceptance of second-class departments. As athletes and stars, you have to start telling and presenting them as we go, talk and invest your money, that education is important. We have to tell them that life is far more than basketball or football or over-apprentices, or MTV or gangster rap, or Hollywood or video games, or fully loaded athletes or recent prisons are manually down-fashioned or ribbed condoms or gold chains or reefers or smack or crack cocaine or alcohol, or cigarettes or gangs creepy or pregnant for fifteen years or will be old enough before father to drive or hang out or prison tattoos , or more body piercing, or even a "cool" walk.


Is there anything else you do not like and you want to get rid of?

Or do I say there are natural links between proposed negatives and professional sports? Of course, the answer is not. The fact that certain sectors of the media continue to create this alliance is tragic and dangerous.

The fact is that many young people are getting in touch with you. The only point I say is that in the balancing act of life it seems that education and sustained career development continue to question the litany of material and emotional goods some of which I have mentioned above.

But do not get me wrong. It's not about going back to things when George Washington was president (actually it was not as good as it was). Or when compared to the 1950s when men were men and women women (right) or drugs were in the street ahead of time, and television was not inventive yet. It's not about going back to an unrealistic time when every kid was of the highest quality, there was no entertainment, sport, soda and everyone was wearing gray uniforms.

This is rather about meeting and deciding what we want our children to do. It's about taking a long hard look at the reality of the world we live in. It must be recognized that many of our children are left behind. He accepts that many young men and women – our children – lose the American dream. Their minds and their bodies are plucked from all the energy. Commitment and efforts are replaced by a desire for easy return, usually with little output.

The dangers of focusing on life continue to be evident as an easy road trip, though not so obvious that it has drawn the attention of all politicians to the country. Every parent and citizen, who is still worrying about the future, has to demand something. More importantly, we all need to take care of our children, our children, our schools, our churches, mosques and synagogues, our boys and girls clubs, local Y & # 39; and he was hanging in the street corners.

We have to look for the others as well. Sport has a place in our society. Basketball, football and baseball, as well as a number of other sports, are captured by the common attention. The nation of non-athletes. And that's okay. The combination of skills, art, rivalry, strategy, tactics, techniques, personalities and drama is interesting, sometimes even exciting.

Sport can help us this week and give us something we can hope for (the "lucky" team of ours or the hopes of our children). Many are delighted with what may be detrimental to the league baseball or friendly competition, or does my son play several nights a few nights a week, or following the luck of the television or fanzine's favorite team or players?

The answer is no, as long as you are impressed with the amazement and balanced against the need for other creative aspirations and especially investment in education. Learning is something that matters today. Look at other communities' efforts. Recently, migrants from India, Korea and other Southeast Asian areas combine future success with their classroom. Other communities could well remember.

If education is important today, tomorrow will be even more important.

Therefore, we must give every possible opportunity to our children. Join them for the game, applaud their success, tens of broken spirits or bodies, and give them all the support that sports can help to round off each individual.

However, they must also be encouraged to keep everything in perspective and to resist the tendency for some of us to take the aspirant coach, referee or parent to a prospective superstar.

It is worth mentioning that ten to nine times as long as you are your child you do not. I said nine out of ten? Add some zeros to the ninth and get closer to the real rate between dream and reality.

Even for the very small minority who are considered to be particularly talented or blessed by the basics and who are firmly on hell or high water to question the statistics and introduce them to the first line of professional sports:

The maximum effort and educational success can not be rotated.

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