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Nintendo Wii as therapy and entertainment in multiple sclerosis

First blush, you may think the title of the article is far from falling! You may want to know that the video game console may use anything else for a person with degenerative disease like MS. If you give me a chance, I share my own experiences. I would also let you know I'm NOT a video game junkie. In fact, I never found the most gaming system intuitive enough to me. With Wii else, I started using it from the box. Designed to be extremely user-friendly.

The purpose of this article is to investigate the Nintendo Wii gaming system and the utility for promoting, developing, and understanding motion, flexibility, balance and cognition (memory, multi-tasking, etc.)

Although this lens mentions MS (because this is my personal experience and my journey), there are probably many other health conditions that can enjoy the same things. I must mention that I am NOT a physical or occupational therapist and I did not imagine rehab or physical medicine. This is simply my own personal experience and observation. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.

Wii (the pronoun "we") is Nintendo's fifth home video game console. The console's distinctive feature is the wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a manual pointing device and detects motion and rotation in three dimensions.

Did you know that practice can be fun? After purchasing the Wii Gaming system, it has a sports package that is enough to get started and get the remote control's functionality and feel.

Although I would never say that we could distribute the Wii gaming system for a Total Gym, a treadmill or an ellipse … I could say that with the right combination of games I could develop a system that can move and move both arms and legs.

The Nintendo Wii comes pre-packed with the game Sport. Sport is actually 5 games 1:

1. Golf
2. Football
3. Baseball
4. Tennis
5. Bowling

If you can get the animation and the characters, it will be fine. The images are clear and different in color and pattern (this is due to optical nerve damage that may have problems with the colors). Characters can easily be distinguished such as strips and solids.

What I like about Wii Sports is that it's called a Fitness test. This fitness test can be done at different times (up to once a day). The test uses an algorithm to examine all levels of the game between coordination, speed, and accuracy. During the "Fitness Test" you will be given the task of various sports (such as box, bowling and golf). Once completed, "age" is used (20 years youngest). Over time, you can take the fitness test and monitor the results. Are you younger or older? It's really a nice part of the game.

Movements used by players using Wii Sports (eg Tennis) do not have to be perfect and can be done with a few sessions from a sitting position. In my opinion, the value of training and movement is better achieved when sports are played in the shortest possible way. This means I'm not a physician or a physic therapist – so you have to argue with them to find the optimal game.

There are a number of different games that exist for different cognitive functions, Mental trace and short-term memory. These sections are often affected by MS sufferers. Trauma Center: The second opinion requires recall to be used to perform current tasks. Each level "surgical operation" is based on the last and the player must remember certain procedures. This game requires various fine motor skills to perform various surgical tasks.

Though hardly touching the surface, the gaming system, such as the Nintendo Wii, has a tremendous value to entertain the rehabilitation environment. There is no reason why exercising the brain and body should not be a fun and exciting experience.

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