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Learn the basics of sports massage

Sports massage plays a very important role in an athlete's life. The benefits of this type of massage are not only physical and physiological but also psychological.

Why is it important?

Sports massage uses a variety of techniques, depending on the person's needs. Therapy involves the combination of traditional Swedish massage and Shiatsu. Includes events before and after the sports massage, as well as maintenance techniques. The basic profit of routine sports massage is a good feeling. Additional Benefits: –

  • Reduction of heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improved lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation.
  • Helps reduce muscle tension and relieve pain.
  • Increases muscle flexibility.
  • Increases body performance and strength, leading to better performance.
  • Stress relief in joints, ligaments and muscles.
  • Minimizes scar tissue recovery.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety as the muscles and nerves are relaxed.
  • Eliminates toxins present in muscle fibers.
  • Restores movement to damaged muscle tissue.
  • Post-training massage increases muscle recovery.
  • General relaxation and comfort.

The basic techniques of therapeutic massage are very similar to sports massage, but in the latter stroke is usually deeper and more firm. In the deep body of sports massage, friction is used to shorten the scar tissue and break down the injuries. In addition, this kind of massage focuses on stricter manipulation of deep muscle tissues. This triggers more relaxation and triggers the body's own natural healing system.

Sports Massage Focuses on Three Major Areas

1. Maintenance Massage

Massage Therapist helps athletes improve muscle resilience and muscles, depending on which sport they are in. The goal is to achieve optimal performance in specific muscle groups

. Pre, Intra-Event Massage

The pre-event sports massage takes place a few hours before the event and improves performance by increasing circulation and decreasing stress. It is mostly short and stimulating.

Event photography focuses on quick recovery after the event. This includes muscle tissue relaxation and normalization as well as repair.

Intravenous massage takes place between events to help athletes get exhausted from their previous activity and prepare for the near future. This focuses on the muscle group that is highlighted during the event.

3rd Rehabilitation Massage

How cautious it can be, but muscles are spooky, bruises, ligaments and pains are bound. Rehab sports massage will help accelerate healing and reduce the inconvenience of acute injuries.

However, before any massage begins, it is always advisable to check all kinds of contraindications so that after-effects do not deteriorate.

Side Effects and Alerts

Relax and soothe the muscles. However, if it is strong, especially in deep tissues, it may be a bit unpleasant and painful. If the person is suffering from muscular pain, such a massage may cause some anxiety. This therapy should be avoided with open sores, stenoses, tumors, cancer or any other contraindications

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