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Writing auto estimates is like Walmart – Auto Estimator training for beginners

Estimating Guide

After we have received all the information we need from the vehicle, we can estimate it to the estimation office or area where we can perform the automatic estimation. The estimation guide lists the parts with diagrams, price of parts, lump sums replacing parts (the judgment time is not included in the estimation guides, later discussing the judgment period) and the refinish

Parts and abbreviations

It is very important to know the parts nomenclature and abbreviations for parts. You also have to recognize that the individual parts can be called different things. An external repair sheet for a door can be a description of the guides described in the body shop jargon on the skin of the door. However, it is difficult to find the right parts if they do not know what they are calling. Some abbreviations I mention are R & I, which is used for removal and installation. This is when you remove a part and return the same part. For example, the door should not be damaged, but it may need to be removed to access the damaged area. Therefore, you do not need to remove the cover, the glass, the door handle, etc. This will be less than changing the door. Replacing the R & R door that needs removal and replacement. You must now transfer all the hardware from the old door to the new door, which will take more time. O / H is often on the front bumper cover and on other fittings, which means overhaul. This basically gives you the time to fully assemble and assemble the assembly.


Check out your P-page and learn all abbreviations. This will help you. Not only do you want to remember what they think, but want to know if each abbreviation contains or does not include tasks.

Think of Walmart when writing estimates

What does it contain and what are not included in each operation? This is what you need to ask every time you add a line to your estimate. This is where most mistakes are made when estimating, which results in lost dollars in the store. Most estimates do not include unrecognized operations. Many times the estimator claims that they do not make an estimate because the insurer does not pay. There is some truth behind the story, but it is usually because it did not correctly quote the estimate. You must indicate each procedure if you want to pay for it. It's like Walmart. Have you ever been to Walmart and collected a lot of items in the basket, then went to look at it; will you give the amount that almost causes a heart attack? Well, let this step go further, what if you got the receipt, just the full amount? You would probably say you made a mistake. However, when you receive the itemized receipts, you will review it and find out that all the prices are correct. That was just more than you thought. I do not know if this has ever happened to you, but it happens to me all the time. Insurance certificates work the same way. If it's not clear what you're looking for, they want to say it's wrong and you do not want to pay that amount … I'm sure I can do this in the store! However, if each item is listed separately and not arranged, you can see that the charges are legitimate. To determine what is not included in the actions added to your estimates, see your p-pages. It lists what's in it and everything that's not in it. I suggest you take some time and study p-cards and know them heartily.

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