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Source of Knowledge – Acquiring Knowledge in Any Field

We are constantly learning new things in life. Our steadily growing knowledge is vital to furthering or improving ourselves.

Whichever area we are involved, we always have to look for ways and means to expand our knowledge. Increasing knowledge in a given subject can lead to better understanding, grasping, judgment, intelligence and ability in this area. Expand our thinking and enhance our expertise on a topic

So how can we get to know each other? What are the sources of knowledge? Below I will list some of the resources that we get knowledge in any area.

1. People:

I think people are the source of the greatest knowledge for anyone. From childhood we learned things by observing others. Whichever field you want to know, many people need enough experience in this area.

Use this valuable source of information, learn from others' experiences, results, mistakes, and experts. Study thoroughly and associate people with expertise in acquiring knowledge.

2. Books:

The next best source of knowledge books. There are millions of millions of books in the world that can be read in every language and almost every topic you can imagine. Any issue he faces has previously faced someone and his solution is likely to remain in the form of a book. If you are serious about getting a knowledge on a subject, read each book, journal, article, etc. Read as much as you can.

3. Experience:

This is another important source for the Knowledge Finder. They say that experience is a great teacher, so learn your past experiences and the experiences of others. Learn about past and present results and mistakes from others and others.

4. Experimentation and Observation:

The experiment is trying out new things and observing small and big details.

If you want to learn something new, you have to try and observe a lot of things. You have to look deep into it, try new things to see what works and what does not. Do not just look at your own efforts but others.

Experimenting with new things and observations will help you learn very quickly. People who do not experiment or do not pay much attention can take a long time. Note, however, that some errors may occur during experimentation. Do not be disheartened because failures are part of the learning curve, especially when you are trying something new. Try to learn from failures, instead of being disheartened.

5. Thinking and Thinking:

You have to concentrate a lot on learning new. Reading a lot of books is not enough because you have to fully understand what you are reading. A thorough understanding of the subject is likely to arise only through profound reflection and contemplation.

Think about what you've read, observed, experienced, or experimented with. Is not it wise to make sure you understand a thing before you go any further?

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