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According to the most common football rules

Knowing the conditions of football is very important for those who learn the game. Kids, teens and adults participating in camps and trainings know the conditions. To understand and master the game, players must know the most common terms. Here are the most common terms that you need to know:

Center – A gateway that is centered on the field side. By this method, the ball is closer to the goal.

Footprints – This form controls the ball with the foot.

Shielding – The way in which the defense is to be protected, a player with balls must cover and concentrate to go before the defender.

Tackle – The fact that the ball is dropped from the opponent or stopped by a leg.

Save – It is an act when a goalkeeper causes or saves the ball so as not to get into the finish and prevent an opponent from getting a goal or a goal.

Charging – The opponent is a ball that is the ball supplier, balancing to get the ball. He shrugs his shoulder to take advantage of the ball.

Trap – A common action for players using a body like chest, thigh, and leg to regulate or slow down the ball.

Bicycle kick – This is mainly done by specialists. This is one of the best action or trick a player can do. One of the most commonly used football terms is kicking the ball back and head over the air.

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