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Why will you be a leader?

In order to lift the corporate ladder and reach a higher salary, everyone seems to be looking for a management position. Apart from the fact that it offers greater financial compensation and status, few know why they want to manage as a manager. Many professionals are not really interested in people, they are interested in technology. Many people find that people are dealing with just one necessary annoyance.

You were sure this opinion was. An interesting change has taken place. The more I heard about leadership and people's behavior, the more I found them fascinating. My interest has increasingly grown to make people more attractive than technology.

For those who were not convinced of motivating and guiding people, it is worth paying time for some of the reasons that should be considered:

Driving is a Valuable Capability

& # 149; Driving allows more

and # 149; Driving allows a corporate ladder

and # 149; Driving provides skills that last a lifetime (timeless abilities)

& # 149; Management provides skills that can be transferred outside IT / IS

and # 149; Driving gives you the opportunity to help others grow

& # 149; Driving is a much more efficient mist management technique.

Management Skills that enable individuals to reach higher positions

Most organizations do not provide financial compensation for technical staff at a high level of management. The ability to drive, motivate, and communicate is higher than achieving a technical nature. It can be argued that this is a proper policy or not; although it is arguable, this is likely to not change. If you want to move your organization's corporate ladder and move to higher payment ranges, you must take the lead; and do a good job.

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Leadership gives you the ability

What if I could show you how you can capture the most valuable skills and increase your productivity with them? What if you could do more than once? Is the sound impossible? Not with driving!

How long does it take to perform tasks that do not really require full personal attention? Are there any tasks that can be delegated? Any responsibility you do not have to do is transferable. You can argue that you have the technical expertise alone – so it's time to use your time with someone else to teach.

Delivering as many tasks as you can give you more time to share knowledge and team leadership. Our team will be able to do more than you manage, and you can achieve more indirectly than you can if you try to do all the tasks.

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Management allows you to develop your corporate ladder

People often imagine that they are indispensable to protect their jobs (and possibly their careers). There is probably no other place in corporate culture where this attitude is much more common than in IT and IS departments (in the background). IT / IS staff create old systems that are so complicated and poorly documented that they are the only ones who can possibly maintain them and are safe.

Trust me; after you've been through a particularly brutal bankruptcy, I can assure you that nothing can provide security.

Being indispensable does not protect your work, but has a different effect; you will stagnate your career. There is absolutely no way to promote the indispensable individual from his present work; after all, nobody fills the job after the promotion.

If you want to make sure you consider your position seriously when it's available in your organization, make sure that someone else can do your current job. It begins with cross-training and becomes mature; both the leaders' abilities

Leadership provides skills that go along

If you want to be in a technical community, you must keep up the technology. Technology changes faster and faster; which results in the abandoning of skills, faster and faster. It's hardly mentioned in the early and mid-90s compared to current technologies. How much do your current skills mean in five to ten years?

Although continuous learning is a wonderful pursuit (and this is certainly one of mine), it would not be nice to learn skills that have won the # years after they lose their value when technology is outdated. Leadership is such skills. They never become obsolete and you can build on the basics of your knowledge.

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Leadership gives you skills that can be delegated to your department.

Your specific area is a great job; but this is just one of many areas available within companies. Although some territorial abilities are transferable, most of them are not. For example, hard disk partitioning does not help manage the customer service center (unless it is a hard disk support center). If you are able to drive a team that regularly redistributes your hard drives, you nevertheless have many skills that you need to manage your customer service center.

You may think, and I never want a customer service. & # 148; But it would not be nice to have other career opportunities if the opportunities themselves appear and find out they are suitable for you.

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Leadership gives you the ability to help others grow

Some would argue that helping others is not something they value; not helping them directly. This is obviously wrong thinking. Has anyone ever helped? I doubt anyone would read this, which was not enjoyed by anyone else. So why should someone feel justified in not wanting to help others even if they do not see tangible benefits?

Besides helping people is the right thing, they can gain, grow and develop many indirect benefits.

& # 149; This is a learning experience for you as well. As you help others develop, you will gain new skills yourself.

& # 149; You will build loyalty; fidelity, which is manifested in the most astonishing times. There will be a team who is willing to leave the extra mile when it is needed, rather than the person who does not have a problem and snaps at 17:00.

& # 149; You build friendships. As I mentioned in previous articles, newly promoted leaders are often frustrated. However, if you take better care of your colleagues than you try to control them, they will both respect you and love you. Personally, I personally work with people who want to work with me rather than those who do not. You build respect. Respect for the acquired, not claimed. People will hold your power if they do, but they will only do what is absolutely necessary. Obtain their honor and go for the extra mile to make sure the job is done well

. Your body will be beneficial. As your team becomes stronger while driving, your organization will notice the benefits.

& # 149; Not only your team, but it also shows you to grow.

Driving Effective Motivation Technique

If you use management techniques that involve regulation, motivation, leadership, criticism, or insult, they will find something important about them. The staff will not change the way! You can do them to meet while you shout, but stop negative motivation techniques for a moment and use your original ways.

Is it? Slow students? Only Maka? You teach them, show them, correct them, but every time you turn their backs, they return to their original behavior.

Of course not! Obviously, the motivational techniques you use are ineffective in the long run.

Here is one of the most important concepts I know. The only way you can do somehow is to do something that you want to do. This can be approached in several ways.

& # 149; One way is to make their lives so uncomfortable until they do what they want and eventually follow the commands. Although this technique can bring rapid results in the short term, it is extremely ineffective in the long run. Take the inconvenience and take the motivation for them. Every time you turn your back (or go away), the inconveniences prevent the return to old habits. The benefits of doing things also go away. The team returns to things the way it is most comfortable; so they are slow or stubborn.

& # 149; Another method is to inspire the team to perform the task. Motivate them; not just the task, but also the quality and the distinction. If they are inspired, it does not matter whether they are over 5000 miles away; you can do the job well in both situations.

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Obviously, this is just a few reasons why you want to develop leadership skills. Each of these reasons may be different. It's important to note that leadership skills give you a lot of positive results for your efforts – no matter what the results you are looking for.

Now try to learn leadership skills and get started with the results.

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