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What are the major football positions?

Footballers' positions are often misunderstood, especially for recruits. In this article we look at the most common positions in football. Start …

The Sweeper

The peacock's position requires a good understanding of the game. As a plunder you will be the one who controls the defense. You also need to have good header capabilities.

Middle Return

Its main job is to focus on stopping by scoring. Attacks should also be attacked when the ball is securely played midfielder.

Left or Right Referee

If you want to play right or left, you need to react quickly, respond quickly and have a good technique

Left or Right Midfielder

to perform well in this situation. The left / right midfielder will have more time and room than your middle midfielder. This allows you to take the ball without any pressure.

Defensive midfielder

As a defense interference, his mission is to defend the defenders. Good passive skills are needed in this situation. You always need a safe play and your supporters must be protected.

Middle Midfield

If you want to play as a central midfielder, you must have good skills with the ball. In addition, you must support your defending midfielder in attacking the opponent.

Forward and Offensive

Your predecessor and striker are in two similar positions where scoring is just something that matters. Your task is simply the score and you have to try to make every chance you get in front of you opponents goal.

Goalkeeper of Football

Its main mission as a football goalkeeper to prevent opponents from scoring. In addition, its teams must be encouraged.

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