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Mortgage Sale: Overcoming Objections

As a loan officer, it's important to keep your pipeline steady. It is therefore self-evident that you have to receive as many apps as you can during the week.

Cables can be converted to applications in multiple ways. Such as networking, customer extensions, family, friends, mortgage providers, and more.

Another method, probably the most dreaded in every sales unit, but very necessary to keep applications running. they all know the feeling of rejection through the phone, but it is very important to maintain endurance and overcome these obstacles.

I fully understand that there is no way to defeat customer objection. My only advice would be if I did not reside or take over personally, I can only move to the next call

Keep in mind that for many people home purchase or refinancing is a huge financial venture for a person's life. Maybe he is the greatest, so he understands if he feels defensive or cold.

I'm sure you know the "I do not care anymore" or "I just closed my credit last week." [19659002] From the beginning do not give the customer the opportunity to raise objections.

Remember, you're the expert, so you're talking.

Your opening line must be so:

] Mrs. Jones, my name is Susie Smith, and I understand that you want a mortgage. There are some great products that I think would suit your needs and budgets. If you do not mind, I just want to go with you for a few moments.

This approach immediately exposes customers' pressure and nine times out of ten to listen.

Do not forget that everyone is in the mood and voice of your voice, smiling when you speak, this reflects your voice. And be nice, relax your client, make them comfortable and halfway.

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