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MCL injury from football – Management options – knee adhesives help

Medial Collateral ligament or MCL is one of the two major colonic strains. It is located inside the knee joint and connects the femur or femur with the tibia or the tibia.

The MCL may break when the knee is bent down or if it is difficult to hit the knee. This type of injury usually occurs when people are skiing and playing for American football. In American football, guards and middle players get injured because of their purse, an American boots worn before football and baseball. In order to reduce the number of MCL injuries, companies are now attempting to develop better columns.

According to athletes, the PRICE protocol must be followed immediately after the injury. PRICE means protection, rest, space, compression, and height. Use cohesion dressings to protect them. These bandages stick to themselves and help reduce swelling. Rest is also strongly recommended; Do not engage in any sporting activity until it is damaged.

Twenty minutes after injury, ice packs must be used and every six hours should be repeated. It will cool the tissues, which reduces pain and prevents further tissue damage. Air Cast Cryo / Cuff is one of the methods of ice therapy to reduce pain and boil when it comes to cold water and compression for 6 hours. This method is used for home treatment.

The last one is the rise, which means you have to raise your knees.

However, if more than 10 percent of tissue is injured, rehabilitation may be required under the supervision of an authorized physiotherapist to prevent recurrence of injury. If the MCL is completely torn and other tapes are damaged, surgery is recommended. Arthroscopic surgery may also be required for severe injuries. The knee-mounted camera allows surgeons to see the damaged structures directly.

Most patients requiring such injury are being asked to use knee protectors and limit the knee movement.

after injury, the patient may feel weak; this is normal. You can perform some practice exercises during reinstallation; this will soon heal the injury. The Wobble Board is a home-based tool that allows you to continue your ownceptive exercises.

Do not try to diagnose injury, or cure pain or swim yourself. If your knee is damaged, seek immediate medical attention.

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