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Effective Church Growth Strategies for Christian Leaders

Many new churches seek the secrets of church development. Studies, conferences, and books are full of advice on effective church growth strategies that Christian leaders need to make to churches. These recommendations are usually derived from churches that have experienced significant growth and successful occurrences. Christian churches believe that only God is able to grow a church and that growth is determined not in numbers, but in the quality of its members. This, however, does not prevent them from finding a way to better serve God and the congregation.

One of the conferences that taught the church's effective growth strategy was how the highly influential church conference could be built. Its purpose is to encourage and empower church leaders to create a powerful church. He emphasizes that not only the increase in the number of staff, but also the difference in the community, is the result of giving glory to God, which he extraordinarily makes through ordinary people. High-performing churches have three outstanding attributes: the lost people come to Christ, people arrive, and the Church influences the community. Churches learn to understand the twelve laws of a healthy growing church:

  1. The Law of Goals – Growing Churches know the Church's goals, which are highly committed to the Great Commission and the Great Command.
  2. The Law of Expectation – They believe in the natural, supernatural and imperative growth of the church.
  3. The law of design – empowers leaders to equip the service.
  4. Law of Freedom – members are trained to exercise their spiritual gifts.
  5. The law of dependence – there are members who regularly pray and fasten individually and socially.
  6. Law of Love – Understand that there are roles and functions assigned by God in the church and understand their ecclesiastical structures.
  7. The Law of Inspiration – dedicated to the development and enhancement of worship.
  8. The Focus Law has an external focus and emphasizes evangelism in obedience to God's obedience.
  9. The Community Law Ensures and Pastores through Small Groups
  10. The Law of Intentionality – Proactively elaborate the Church's plans and courses for the fulfillment of their mission.
  11. The Law of Love-Growing Churches promotes a loving and caring community among members
  12. The Kingdom's Law – with common prayer, worship, interaction, and support, will facilitate unity with churches of similarity in a timely manner.

CA Schwarz has conducted a study to determine the causes of church growth. The survey, in which 4.2 million respondents participated in 32 countries, served to determine the many distinctive features of a healthy growing church. These are: effective leadership, convenient service to spiritual gifts, passion and desire for service, ideal facilities and resources, praise and worship, growth through disciple and small groups, consistently achieving lost and healthy relationships among members. The study concludes that people need and need effective church growth strategies. However, people also need to understand what they can not do because it is God's domain.

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