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Baseball tips – horseshoes and the fear of the ball

Most young children do not want to catch it, because they are honestly hurt. The young jugs are not very accurate and throw lots of balls into the dirt, then the fingers, shoulders, wrists, and so on. It tastes the young catch. After many of these players, players would decide that the catch is not the place they want to play. I often see this.

So how do you get to a future recipient? The most important thing is to teach young fishermen to protect their equipment. This is demonstrated by the fact that the bullet on his mask, chest protector and glove does not really hurt and let him trust his gear.

This is how I do this with a relatively young young man. All your equipment is important. However, I will focus on the view that it is the most important piece for fishermen who are now beginning. At the top … the head and the mask. The most frustrating movement is young fishermen, turning their heads away from the balls of dirt. I saw the kids lie beneath their chin, near the neck and throat. It hurts. Then they are afraid that the ball will be hit by their mask. That's something I'm trying to get rid of quickly.

Here's what I'm doing. First I use tennis balls for this baseball drill. I got the mask and kneeled. You do not have to squat. It is about 10 or 15 meters away and I knelt too. I'll tell him to throw the balls directly into the center of the mask and I want the ball to look up to the mask. I'll tell her to try not to blink … to keep her eyes open and to see the ball up to the mask. The head has no turning. You're not throwing hard now, just tossing it or throwing the ball on the mask as if you were darting. Do this until you see the ball smudging the mask and see that it basically does not blink.

If the pliers feel good about it, have fun and tell him to try the ball right now to knock the ball in a certain direction or just give it a glimpse as he keeps his eyes open again. Kids learn this quickly. You can see them using the mask, not just the wear . You also see a real confidence increase and is less afraid of the ball, even if it is still just a tennis ball.

If you think you have mastered this practitioner with tennis balls, drill. The flash will obviously be there again, but remind you not to blink, and remember that it does not hurt, just a bit bigger and stronger than the tennis ball. You do not throw balls again … you darts 10 yards away. You will be surprised how fast it is going through heavy balls. All of this comes from the confidence built of tennis balls.

Now you have to go back to the hard ball … touching the different directions and catching his mask with his mask, his eyes open all the time. Soon it will be good. What you were doing now changed its masquerading views. This is no longer a way to help him less damage, now a shield he uses to defend himself while blocking balls from dirt. This is something you can trust to trust.

The above drill works well with the balls in the mask, but now it focuses on the most dangerous movement, the young pliers tend to … the head turn when the ball bounces from the dirt that it was before.

This drill is designed in the same way as a tennis ball. It's 10 or 15 meters away. Now command the pliers to kneel, legs apart as a blocking position. You are going to balade planets to get up and hit the mask. The most important thing here is to keep your chin on your chest. Do not bend your head or look at it when you throw your mask. This is when injuries occur.

Practice again and again until you see that your eyes remain open, keep your head and chin and be able to block the bouncing ball with the mask without turning your head,.

Then step into hard balls with this drill. You need to do yourself a practicing yourself to bounce a tough ball and it will pop up and hit the mask. This may require a harder surface. Again, continue on this bullet-to-mask drill again and again until the hard ball of dirt causes real fear, with the head and chin left and the eyes remain open when the ball hits the mask. After a while, it seems relatively calm if that's good.

If you get your young fisherman to take hard balls in the mask, do not "be afraid", the eyes are basically open in the mask and head and chest in the chest, you've done well and your pincushion is on the right path, to become a good defensive explorer. I always thought it all started there … in the mask.

The whole world is capturing changes for a young fisherman when he loses his head and his mask bullet fear. This is the most important step to filling in a good blocking role

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