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You can get a great job in Iraq or Afghanistan for $ 4,000 + for a week

Why do you get a job in a war zone? Some people spend 4k a week and do some more. The first $ 87,600 is exempt from 365 out of the country for 330 days. You pay a big salary because you work 72 hours a week or more, and there's a Hazard and Hardship payment at the top of your regular pay. The danger of work changes, if it works outside the line and can be very dangerous by convoys. If your work requires you to travel on cruises, it may be dangerous. I do not know how to work as a security firm and this article does not deal with this job. There is a lot of work in the pipeline (on the base), not much travel and relatively safe. Travel may be dangerous, military fixed wing is the safest, helicopter travel is less secure and the simplest is the use of convoys.

Sometimes even inside the wire is mortar or rocket attack, and siren usually sounds and warns everyone. There are hardened concrete bunkers where you can take shelter. There were fatal victims of mortars and rockets from Iraqi bases. There was a little mortar fire close enough to shake the trailer, but I'm not worried about it. The anti-missile defense, and the CRAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar) that performs missiles and mortars. I was pretty nice for the tour. These are the questions you need to ask if you are working in Iraq or Afghanistan or where the next war is going. For many entrepreneurs there is no first rodeo or their first year. Many ex-military employment contracts exist, but many have no military background. Like me, for example, there is no military background, but some work requires military experience. I work in IT, and usually IT does not require a military background. Generally, after 4 months, you have the freedom to work, so I will ask for it.

OK, we know the dangers now, so how do we get the job in the first place? One of the starting points is sites such as Clearancejobs. Clearancejobs requires a security certificate, but can do the job. Are Google doing searches for Iraqi or Afghan entrepreneurs? KBR is the largest entrepreneur in Iraq. Next, visit the entrepreneur's site and see if there are openings. After you've decided to work, the company will need to make reservations for the CRC (Conus Replacement Center) training at Fort Benning Army Post Georgia. Some entrepreneurship companies are in touch & # 39; the CRC, which helps the process. The CRC is not so difficult to maneuver on its own if it is able to formulate it in time. There is a website of theirs,, which provides more information than you care about. Training takes about one week, but there is an offer of expectation that the army is famous for. Must be military commands before they arrive; many times you get it by email at the last minute. There is a cascade on site or some companies pay for people in a Columbus Georgia hotel a short drive away. If you stay in bars, you can keep track of your valuables and cut them off in the shower. Locks things up or disappears. The CRC has a chow-hall where you can eat for free.

You're outside, so you're ready to encourage elements. It will be hot in the summer, without air conditioning in the formations or most training. There is a physical that needs to be inserted, so if health problems can be denied, it goes. It's best to be physically fit before you start CRC and get these test results with you. If you wear spectacles, you need two pairs. Before you go you need to see your dentist from your dentist; there is a form that the dentist indicates that he has no dental problems during the installation. They're doing health check in the CRC, but they have to pay. If there are more than forty, extra heath checks (ECG, cholesterol) are performed. You can get protective gear like a body armor, a Kevlar helmet and a gas mask. Wear protective equipment while traveling, and this is the only time I wear. If you do not take it back, you need to sign up for the equipment, you can charge you or your company for $ 5-6,000. Then he must leave in the last day and some entrepreneurs will fly the military rotating aircraft with Ali Ali Salem plane in Kuwait. Some entrepreneurs fly commercial airlines to Kuwait City, then travel to Ali Ali Salem, then all military atmospheres to their destination. It's a very long flight for 17 o'clock or ready. Once you are in a country, be someone who gets the new job.

When the county goes, it works most 72 hours a week. Which is really a blessing, because there are not many other things. After a few days she gave a trailer that was divided into three rooms and shared the most with her roommate. The dining room or DFAC will be near and relaxed, and usually a grocery store where the subway, the Pecs hut and the burger king can buy. Usually there is a cafe, called green beans, which is gourmet coffee. There are PXs that were Post Exchange, you can purchase the basics you need and some munchies. Different people have different offers. If you are working on a FOB (Forward Operating Base), things will be much more rustic and there may be no grocery store or PX.

Part of the heat in the Middle East gets used to it. The summers are brutally hot and last for a couple of weeks to appreciate it. If you arrive in summer, drink plenty of water as your body gets used to the heat. Someone in the CRC described Iraq's warmth as saying: He said to heat the oven by 500 degrees, then place the fan on the open door and put his face down. It's like heat is very hot on his face. I think that's why everyone here wears scarfs on their faces. The average Iraqi temperature in July and August exceeds 120oF and freezes in January. The widespread majority runs from December to April, and is abundant in the mountain region, and can reach up to 40 cm per year in some places. Iraq's climate is similar to the extreme southwestern United States, with hot, dry summers, cold terrain, a pleasant spring and a fall. Approximately 90% of annual rainfall occurs between November and April, mostly from December to March in the winter months. The remaining six months, especially the hottest June, July and August are dry. The influence of the Persian Gulf on the Iraqi climate is very limited. The relative humidity near the bay is higher than in other parts of the country.

You have to use everything in about three months and just need to spend time and wait for R & R to arrive when you come home.

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