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Spartan Training – The Agoge

Most, if not all, causes of Spartan dominance are incredibly tense and brutal training music on the battlefield, Agoge can be attributed. Even before the start of Agoge, the Newborn Spartan boys had thoroughly examined the physical examination to make sure the newborn was defective. Those who did not pass the exam did not die in the country. Then the boy was between five and seven years of age to start training. They were not charming farewells, boys were simply considered a "shell" or a unit in the barracks and encouraged a competitive game from the beginning to other packets.

They were taught to read and write at age 10 and physical exercise increased. An important activity was dancing (everything) with the weapons as long as the movements of the weapons were natural and natural. Movement was the key to the success of the warrior and the ability to move freely was outstanding. The 12's could learn all Spartan war songs and their military training would start seriously. Travel to masculinity also meant that their hair was cut short, the tunic was lost and replaced with a cloak to overcome what the items had thrown on them.

is absolutely barefoot and to see the spiritual mentality that is very small, while still aggressive and hungry. Of course, they could supplement this diet if they tried to steal their cunning, but with severe punishment if they were captured – not for stealing, but for catching them! The trainers were seriously beaten for any reason, the training was rough and brutal. Due to the cruelty of many boys, he is dying during training. The survivors, however, became true Spartan soldiers and were unstoppable in the fight. At age 20 Agoge was completed, a young man still had to be selected from one of his older companions before he was a homosexual, a full Spartan citizen. From then on he devotes his life to the army. Or in war or home training, and competing for the other soldiers for recognition, a Spartan man always turned to fight and improve the war. While other cities in Greece were observed for their advanced culture, such as theater and philosophy, Sparta was famous for its personality, character, retention and moral fiber


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