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Human capital development – the wonderful organizational growth

Human capital represents the knowledge, skills and abilities that enable people to work while human resources development recruits, supports and invests people through various tools, including education, training, coaching, mentoring, professional practice, organizational development and human resource management in order to realize it

Human capital is an intangible business tool, so businesses need to plan the accumulation of human capital through work experience, training programs that enable individuals to develop, promote self-evolution and skill development to enhance individual and team skills and abilities

All business organizations with a sustainable business policy where human development is a priority is the fullest of the capital structure

The performance domain is determined by a result identifier and a solution identifier and managed in the performance structure to generate business performance and seize the cost and efficiency of the solution.

To create an attractive, globally effective, vibrant business economy for investors, there is a need for adequate human capital education. In fact, education development is a precondition for an efficient business environment and solid business policy. This is the basis for corporate governance. And where there is no enterprise management capacity, there is no way for a nation and organizations to effectively manage their resources.

The 21st century management style involves the management of human resources, that is, the motivation of the workforce into the various categories of the organization. This also implies that for the sake of effective business policy, it is necessary to define the needs of the members of the organization and be able to design the working environment, service conditions and remuneration that meets these needs


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