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How to Increase Your Sexual Endurance – Men's Endurance Improvement Tips

You need to learn how to increase your sexual effort if you want to avoid such embarrassing situations as early ejaculation. But even if you do not suffer from this problem, you will stay in bed long enough to satisfy your partner's sexual desires and take it to an earthquake orgasm.

Here are some practical and easy-to-find tips on how to increase your sex drive:

-To increase physical activity Regular exercise is good, not just for your heart but an excellent way to to increase libido. When physically active, it improves testosterone levels, which increases the strength of men.

-Let you relax. But you also have to make sure you are calm and relaxed before you are having sex. How can you expect to spend more than a few minutes in bed, much less your partner for the pleasure of orgasm, if you're too tired? You must be prolonged and enjoy sex better if you and your partner are well rested.

-The Exercise of Orgasm Delay Some people masturbate, slow down the stroke when they feel orgasm. You can apply the same principle of sexual intercourse. If you feel like becoming an orgasm, it changes the sex positions and / or slows the speed of the threats. A few seconds between position changes have a significant orgasm delaying effect.

In addition, it's a good idea to change how fast and how deep you enter your partner during sexual intercourse. Changes between shallow and deep strikes, slow and fast thrusts. This not only helps to delay the orgasm, but is crazy about your partner as a pleasure and excitement.

-Good men using sexual enhancement products There are creams and gels on the market that greatly enhance sexual performance and sexual feelings. You or your partner only apply a few drops to your penis, massaging and opening it! You do not have to wait for weeks or hours to get into force. For stronger, longer-lasting erections, everything is set without causing any discomfort or uncertainty with pills or other medications.

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