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10 outrageous tips for mental or psychotherapeutic private education

No introduction, tips for:

1. TIP: Add all clients to your email list

Keep your email list from both current and past clients. You get permission to send a dead-simple newsletter from your private practice – one page! NOT TWO! And heaven is on the murgatroid – not four.

Encourage clients or patients to print, forward, and disseminate newsletters to their friends and family. Do not make this simple newsletter more than mental health tips, seasonal stories, sober thinking, and articles that readers hesitate not to put in your pockets.

Emailing your clients, send the newsletter yourself and "blind copy" clients. Only your email address will appear to avoid any breach of confidentiality. Do not go wrong with this process step

A safer and better way to print and send a handy, yet puny and powerful newsletter to the clever. Studies have shown that postal mail in envelopes is 15 times more common than e-mails!

TIP # 2: Submit a simple, yet powerful, web site newsletter for the first 50 (and only 50) rest, mental health and community centers

Send halfway up, adult defense services and other social service agencies. Only 50. Forget the huge coverage. Costs $ 50. 44 x 50 postage and envelopes. The key is monthly – no break. It develops strong consciences and the newsletter is virulent. Viral marketing is the transfer of sales information from one person to another. Recreation and community centers usually provide health and wellness information in lobbying forums and are happy to send newsletters.

TIP # 3: The same other place

Food stores – try them too. Many small businesses where customer waiting areas, such as Jiffy Lubes, etc., are also displayed on visible bulletin boards. These include oil change and car repair centers, hardware stores, cafes and more. Keep a copy of the newsletter in your car for the release of sudden insights and ideas. (Do not forget to keep the mini stapler in the glove compartment – this little red jobber.)

4. TIP: Supports demonstration topics that people love and will love

is a simple, mocking, yet bulletproof and powerful newsletter that shows the visibility of topics that are FREE . You can gain momentum by mentioning your expertise with specific terms and presentations with yourself, especially on seasonal or hot topics.

Read this again. Season or HOT TOPICS.

Do this: Go to "Google AdWords". Find the "Keyword Tool". Google "Google AdWords Keyword Tool". Now type "Problem" and see what's coming up. Or, the same thing on Twitter. You will find what the world is concerned about. You will find the most common searches that begin with these few words. (This article was written for you only I did this … Problem – picked "men", "women", "money", "teenager", "food" etc. (25, every 25 minutes) This 25 minute (not 30, but 25 minutes) at the bottom of the simple, nasty, yet bulletproof and powerful newsletter

TIP # 5: Preserving copies in the waiting room

It stores copies of a simple, but punchy and powerful newsletter at the queue, (1965) TIP # 6: Send the papers to your doctor, dentist, and other medical practices you are protecting.

Ask if you can place the papers on your wallet and put them in their pocket, simple, stupid, yet punchy and huge newsletter in the waiting room of a doctor. (Some examples, for example, on a coffee table.) Place a copy in a transparent plastic top cover. it also prints on the "DESK COPY" without writing it. When clients and patients see this copy, they almost never do it, so they see people in a month later. These health professionals you are patronizing owe you. Do not ask the nurse or the reception secretary. Ask your doctor or your physician at the center of the anatomical procedure you are paying for. No, I'm not kidding.

TIP # 7: Cooperate and Make Money While Increasing References

Pass the lower sections of the simple relief, yet punchy and powerful newsletter to allied professionals as an ad space, which is a set of texts. They are professionals who do not compete. These specialists want to pay for exposure. Trade them, so you get exposure to every client and patient. You've just created your own "interconnected" group. One or two lines of text will do the trick. Put enough space on five or six advertising media and expand your distribution. Everyone wins, especially you. We recommend holistic healthcare professionals, therapeutic massage specialists, chiropractors, or vitamin stores! You can buy local Walgreens ad space.

TIP # 8: Send hard copies to the media products site.

The local community has media radio, television, television and newspapers. Reporters of these shops are in desperate need of finding warm-minded mental health professionals who are able to interview during a selection or a national news agency influences the nation's psyche. The Fort Hood crisis is a good example. This article is for article writing.

Other topics include stress, downsizing and survival syndrome, or depression and the current economic crisis of 2009. There is a need for an expert. You are that. Send your newsletter monthly to a journalist or "newsletter" link. When a relevant news event occurs, it calls the connections between I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y. Say, "I am an expert on ____, I have an interview if you need it." It may be on TV or on the radio in an hour. I did this – believe me, it works. (We would be happy to read this article to the top.) If you're doing a good job and it's a radio station, ask yourself if you can have your own hour a month to answer your audience's mental health questions.

Keep the phone number on your mobile phone's media service or hang it on the car's dashboard because it will be there when you hear a news that you want to get hit. Call this "news crash". Have you heard of a party crash?

TIP # 9: Send copies to your competitors.

Am I swollen? No. All private medical mental health professionals refer clients or patients to other therapists. Who is elected? Mostly, the choice is based on familiarity and expertise. Reputation too. And where does fame come from? A place – familiar. Do not come for yourself. You know this is true. The best you hear is the best guy. Everyone thinks so much. So take advantage of reality. Your name and face should be remembered. These specialists will enjoy the newsletter and will achieve the "top-of-mind" visibility. This effect lasts six months.

TIP # 10: Send EAPs a simple, yet puny and powerful newsletter.

EAPs are great reference sources, but it is difficult to meet with them to discuss the services. And you need more than one touch to notice. Leave the newsletter conversation for you. Contact 703-387-1000 Employee Assistance Alliance and find out where the local chapter is in the neighborhood. Collect business cards and send newsletters to these people. If you join EAPA, you will find online addresses. After some questions, these people will be easier to get a personal meeting. The recipients will feel that they already know it. They think you're a celebrity. This is because you have repeated and you have seen your name and simple clutter, yet a punchy and powerful newsletter.

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