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Waiter Training: How To Create A Table – The Equipment

How to set up a table?

Here's what you need to set up a table, what to watch and how to do it right. It provides very detailed information and I would like to introduce a healthy table procedure in a delicious dining environment.

Setting tables in your restaurant is completely and completely one of the most important and very important procedures. How would you like to greet, sit and have a nice meal experience for your guests if the tables are not set up properly?

What do you need?

Here is a list of items required to create a list of items:

  • Appropriate size tablecloth Ensure that it is washable, ironed and no holes or spots
  • washer (molton) for the table to be soft and to avoid noises for table tops, cups, etc. Many times, restaurants use two different types of table cloths (large and small) to create a more comfortable atmosphere, avoid noise, and change table clothes faster, because often only the small overlapping needs to be modified
  • Vas (19459003) or Steamer
  • Plate or Charger
  • . Here I like to use starters and main course cutlery. This facilitates adjustment to meals. and Starter and Knife (B & B)
  • 19659014] or another small villa, which is the Amuse bouche (a little delicacy made by the Chef) is the catch. Sometimes you may need a small spoon (coffee spoon) that matches the restaurant's standards, theme or style
  • up to the restaurant set up style. In this case, I would like to have a fresh water bottle / pot (19459003), red and white wine glasses fresh flowers table by theme
  • candle holder restaurant standards

All glassware, cutlery and porcelains should be clean and clear and without watermarks. This also means that glassware in particular must be odorless

In addition, all equipment must be free from any damage, chips, marks and / or fingerprints

. of course, for the person to be created. Now we want to create a table for two guests sitting opposite each other, a freestanding table with four chairs.

I suppose this table will be dinned because in that case we need most of the equipment and the service will be more sophisticated (but still, depending on the restaurant).

How to do it?

After we have collected the equipment, we can start up on the table. This board is for two guests for dinner, opposite each other and at a freestanding table with 4 chairs.

  • Check the table does not dampen (eg adjust the bolts under the table legs, place a leg below the cork, etc.) and have enough space for the next planting arrangement and no holes, holes, broken edges or other inequalities on the table.
  • Place the washer (19459003) (table cloth or thin rubber mattress) on the tablet. If using a tablecloth: Carefully handle and keep the fingers on the edges only. Avoid wrinkles and stain at all times. Make sure that the dress is on both sides of the same length center. For the Thin Rubber Carpet: Place it in the center and make sure it is flat, without waves and wrinkles, and the entire table top is covered to avoid glasses or other equipment. The crease around the edges of the garment must also look down.
  • Put cover in accordance with restaurant standards. There are different styles, but you need to make sure you handle the cloth gently and tap as little as possible to avoid wrinkles and stains again. All sides should be centered and equidistant, tablecloths should thoroughly remove all the remaining wrinkles on top and side. Make sure iron has a clean surface! Maybe he needs to iron out the clothes before he puts it on the table.
  • Set the pointer (19459003) (or charger) to the center of the table, an inch in length away from the edge. If you are using a second disc at the top of the tray, place it in the first center. Make sure the plates are polished, bright, clean, damaged, polished or broken.
  • Setting cutlery is the next step. Place the main power knife on the right side of the demonstration board, one in the corner of the table, and only 2-3 mm from the pointer. The blade is to the left of the dashboard. On the right side next to it, the cutter knife goes. The distance between the two knives should not exceed 2-3 mm, but they do not touch each other. The main wings are on the left side of the pointer, just like the main knife, just 2-3 mm from the presentation table and a miniature length from the edge of the table. The canopy of the canopy is to the left of the main villa's fork, 2-3 mm away (at the steepest part of the forks). Both the fork and knives are exactly 90 degrees to the edge of the table.
  • Inserting the B & B Disc and Knife: The disc is placed on the left side of the dining wool and 5 cm from the edge of the table (here is a lot of opinions about where to place the disc, Place the B & B knife on the right side of the B & B plate (in the middle of the right side of the plate, at the edge of the edge parallel to the edge of the dinner beam.) The napkin may be at the center of the presentation table. always depend on forms, styles, folds, restaurant environments, and mood, but always ensure that napkins are kept as small as possible, as guests are likely to use it on or around their mouths.] Add the glasses to Three glasses, one red wine glass, one white wine glass and one water glass (water jet). the first glass of red wine, as this one is probably used for the main course. Put it on the top of the head, matching the middle of the stem with the knife. How tall the knife changes the setting of the glass. Can be a line or a cluster. Let's make a line. Adjust the distance to the main blade so that the white wine glass can fit without touching the cutlery. The white wine glass is on the right side of the red wine glass at an angle of 45 degrees. The distance between the two glasses should be as close as possible, but they can not touch each other. The thickness of the postcard is perfect. From now on, the water glass goes back to 45 degrees at the right and left sides of the white wine glass. Probably this glass will be the ether knife. Again, the distance between the water and white glass should not exceed the thickness of the postcard. In case it is created, it must be a cluster. Just bring the water cup to the top of the wine glass to create a triangle. The same rules apply to distances.
  • Glassware Treatment: Carefully handle glassware. It is better to throw and / or break less. Hold the glasses on the stool and carry the test or hang in between your fingers. Never touch the bottle as it will leave a fingerprint.
  • Flowers and candles, table decoration usually on every table. Salt and pepper depending on the restaurant and other equipment and spices. Flower vases are located on either side of the center or on the table. This applies to candles and other deco items. Make sure the flowers and all the other equipment and spices are fresh, clean and not damaged, chopped or broken. In addition, flowers need to control spider web and other bugs.
  • To get a perfectly symmetrical, clean and organized impression on the table when arriving and implanting, you can:

    1. Set the demo tables exactly against each other in the center of the table on both sides.
    2. Fit the cutlery so that it is exactly the opposite where the mainstream knife is fitted to the main spout and the knife blade with the towing grille
    3. The spectacles must be parallel to one another when aligned.
    4. The chairs rounded up the whole picture. They must be completely clean (sometimes between the seat, between the slings and the backrest), stable and not snap. Adjust them so that they are located at the front and in the middle. and the tablecloth does not touch the chair. This means that the chair can not be moved under the table, but it also depends on the restaurant.
    5. Finally, look at the whole structure and make sure all the items are right, clean, intact and perfect.

    The same procedure can be used for planting four or more guests. It is always important to coordinate cutting tools, presentation plates and glassware.

    This is the beginning. Try it and after a few moments you will see that it's not that hard! Practice it!

    To serve others and make a difference!

    Your Martinod

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