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Karate uniform, karate gear – what's the karate kid in need of first class?

So you got your children to your local martial arts school, congratulations! This is the first step to a great trip for both you and her. You probably have some concerns about what is to be expected, but at the same time you are probably very excited to see your child get into martial arts. So what kind of equipment, uniforms and equipment you need to buy for the first class – and how much would it cost?

One of the great things about martial arts is that it does not matter much about other activities as it is about to start. For example, a good golf club can cost up to $ 1000 or more. Starting a football can include football and shorts, socks and ties, tibia and of course a good soccer ball. Baseball and football have similar requirements. Dance and ballet can be quite expensive for all the different costumes and dresses for different recitals. She wants her child to look good, so she wants to buy what she needs. But you do not know much about karate.

Initially martial arts training requires only one uniform (often called gi) and that's it. Of course there are other things, such as a gear or a club shirt, but basically your only set of equipment to get started, united. The basic uniform costs $ 30-40 and sometimes, depending on your school, your first uniform is free as a bonus for subscribing to the initial program. "OK, that sounds good, a $ 30 uniform, and I can get it for free, which is great, what's missing here, what's forcing ahead, affecting my bag?"

Well, you're right to be a bit skeptical, but honestly saying you do not need much money to equip karate. The largest ongoing cost will be the tuition fee, which is currently (from January 2008) twice a month twice a week between $ 100 and $ 120 per month. The programs of the community center are obviously cheaper, and the large schools on busy streets in beautiful areas are obviously higher because they have to keep their doors open.

For equipment, these are the items that you need to buy your baby through the ladder to the black belt.

· Better quality uniforms (ranging from $ 60 to medium-level uniforms, $ 100 for good uniforms and up to $ 200 the top of the line is a uniform – the instructor needs to have a good choice to fit in different budgets.)

· Sparring equipment – Your child needs hand cushions, piles and foot pads and most likely rubber shields and headgear. It costs $ 100 or less, depending on what equipment you buy. Often, the tutor offers the whole package a discount and you definitely need to take advantage of this to save money.

· Training Equipment – Martial arts require a lot of exercise and your child is likely to need home exercise and classroom training. To facilitate this, you need to purchase a focus point or kick bag (hanging bag or free bag). These goals usually start at around $ 20 for the basics and a good kick bag costs just over $ 100. However, you may be warned that you can add this type of equipment up to $ 500, depending on your budget, because you can get all kinds of very good workouts.

· Weapons – Depending on the school, there may be a requirement for weapons and this will again be an additional cost. But basic weapons do not spend a lot of money, and you probably do not have to give more than $ 20 per weapon just to get involved in the class. As usual, there are several types of refresh possibilities, and if your child wants to compete for a tournament, a better quality weapon is needed.

· Educational Aids – Many schools offer books and DVDs to support the curriculum, and although these items are a one-time investment as another cost, which can be extremely beneficial for the child's ultimate development and development. These tools help your child at home and can help you as a parent to provide support and assistance to your child through the ladder. The cost of these resources varies according to different study curricula, but there are very often great resources that you can find online, on the club's website, or on other style websites. Do not forget to do the research outside the purchase of the necessary support for content.

All in all, the equipment, equipment, and uniform costs of martial arts are minimal, because in most cases, a single (or two) sparring equipment is required for the first few years, training tools for home exercise, casual weapons, and some educational DVDs or books to bring your child's understanding to the next level. The estimated cost of all equipment is between $ 250 and $ 500 to meet the minimum requirements. If you reduce this monthly, you're on average less than $ 20 a month on basic equipment costs for the first few years of training.

The truth is, like any good parent, you probably spend more because you want to buy your baby some tees and clothes, gear bag, accessories, and more. But these things will still be much smaller than golf clubs! In addition, these elements can be used as a valuable incentive for your child by successfully completing their training.

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Good luck and best wishes for karate travel

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