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Training Labrador and Golden Retrievers

Retrievers are among the most intelligent dog breeds. Dog Retriever is therefore very easy for dogs. Many people do not know where to start or what to do for training, so here's a basic list of the 7 tips to keep in mind when training a retriever.

Why can you ask 7? I did not want to make 10, just 10. These are the most important tips. You remember, especially the first four. Remember the last 3, just as important. Yes, you count them well … So go here: 1. Be consistent

Dog dogs are smart but do not always find people who are often thinking. The commands are always the same. If you do something right twice and once you give it up, and after you get angry you will not know what to do next time. Do not Wait Too Much

Many dog ​​owners have too much to wait. Dogs will not take the paper the first day when they start to train them. They will not do everything Lassie does. In fact, Lassie is not a dog.

3. Teaching Hard Steps in Small Steps

If you want your dog to take the paper, start by knowing that you do not tear it up first (you probably want to do it). Then teach her to keep her mouth under her command. Then teach her to give you a command. Then teach her to take it.

4. Be positive

If your dog does not want something, then it's not the fault of the dogs. Not too stupid, he just did not understand. If you do not learn something right away, take a break and then go on training again. You will receive it once.

5. Reward Good Behavior

This trick works with people. Improving good behavior works better than bad behavior because it is angry. Give the reward immediately when the dog does something. Do not give the same rewards every time: you can give it a treat, you can pet it, or you can only literally give it. – That's a good dog! A positive tone will do wonders.

6. Do not put your training sessions too long

Retractors love to play. They will learn a lot when playing with them, but not for too long. That will be the opposite. Also, use the many types of trainings. It's better to do a short daily training than a long session.

Although not a bad idea to go to a dog center with your dog, the training sessions are usually a bit too long. This is because it is quite uncomfortable for people to get 3 or 4 times a day for 15 minutes. You can teach yourself all the important things. If you want to train your dog but there is no center nearby or the times when the train is not suitable for you, I would suggest you buy a book. It is good to know a little about which training methods work best.

7. Have fun with your retriever

The most important thing is to entertain your dog. The Educational Retriever is a very entertaining dog: you will love to grow your dog and learn more and more command. He loves to love and a well-trained dog means he will not cause any discomfort with any bad behavior. Take him well, but he's entertained. This is what you first got, is not it?

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