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Chemotherapeutics – One of the major profit centers of oncologists

Like many cancer survivors who have undergone chemotherapy, I often said "Treatment was worse than illness". Why is this, despite the very dangerous side effects of chemotherapy, it still seems that many oncologists choose to treat it? Do you think this may be because the administration of chemotherapy is very lucrative for oncologists?

Did you know that cancer doctors can benefit from the sale of chemotherapeutic drugs? It is completely limited and exclusive to oncologists. I do not know other groups of doctors who are allowed to sell drugs.

Think about it. For oncologists, significant revenue comes from profits from the sale of chemotherapeutic drugs. Do you think that chemotherapy is used by oncologists? "Everything about money?"

Do you think the oncologists are tempted to give the drug to get the most out of it? I like my belief that my doctor has the most important interest. Regrettably, the incentives of money, something that destroys my faith.

That's what I think is a perfect example of this. Trisha Torrey is told by your doctor: "Very rare is cancerous disease – a lymphoma – subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma." The doctor referred to an oncologist. The oncologist's news was very negligible. They were told he would have died without a chemistry before Christmas. He asked that the lab results were inadequate. They said, "No, no chance, two laboratories have independently confirmed the results." He said the pressure started at the beginning of chemotherapy.

Terry considered the opinion of another oncologist. Three weeks later, in late September, she received confirmation that she was not actually cancerous. Is it possible that his first oncologist pressured him to get chemotherapy for the money? I do not know, but a terrible thought.

Oncologists are very similar to business owners in the retail store. According to a recent NBC News Report, oncologists account for most of their income by wholesaleing the products (medicines) and selling them to retailers.

Like any business owner, private oncologists, they are eligible and deserve life. My question is; if you start paying money to treat patients or dispose of medicines? Other doctors do not have this option.

And where do you find oncologists on the drugs they sell? It's from the pharmacy. Do you think the information is biased?

How did this practice begin? This started because Medicare and insurance companies saved money when cancer therapies were taken out of the hospital and into the hands of oncologists in private hospitals. Again, it's about money. Unfortunately, greed has fallen and what patients are paying the price. Since the introduction of the policy, many anti-cancer products have risen to tens of thousands of dollars a year.

All chemotherapeutic drugs in the United States have been approved by the FDA. Does this make them safe? Do you think pharmaceutical companies are influencing the FDA in authorizing dangerous drugs in a way that affects private doctors cancer doctors? I.

I believe that pharmaceutical manufacturers and their lobbyists have too much influence on the decision-making and policy of oncologists and the FDA.

It is known that the FDA, despite severe risk factors, has licensed many medicines, including chemotherapy. How did the FDA endorse dangerous drugs and do oncologists produce significant profits? Meet Phrma, the Drugs Trading Group of America (19659014), with PhrMA, which operated the Drug Costs Act (PDUFA) in 1992. The pharmaceutical industry has contributed to the approval process The FDA promises to speed up its deliberations. Does this make the FDA financially committed to the industry that you want to regulate? I think.

There are many natural, non-toxic chemotherapies that kill malignant processes. Laetrile, which is basically Vitamin B17, selects and destroys cancer cells and is available in many plant foods. This does so without damaging the healthy cels. Farmers who grow these plants may have to give oncologists a commission on plant sales.

Despite the voice of this article, I am not willing to go to an oncologist dealing with cancer treatment. I'm not against any chemotherapy. I suggest you put Trisha Torrey; get a second opinion.

He almost died from my first two chemotherapy cycles. I felt that oncologists were arrogant and egoistic. I was not comfortable with them at all. Then I went back to the cabin where I lived and resumed my treatment. Dr. Captain Victor Aviles my doctor was dealing with chemotherapy. Not the same medicine as Boston doctors. I do not think you've chosen this medicine because of the profit motive. This was the most suitable medicine for my own cancer. I've always felt very good.

My closing thought. If you are not completely comfortable with your doctor, get new ones. There are wonderful, dedicated and honest oncologists. You may have to visit more to find the right one.

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