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Advanced dog training

The coming of a call is a vital skill that every dog ​​needs to learn both for his own safety and for those around him. A disobedient dog who refuses to come when you call him can easily hit a car, fight with another dog or experience other bad experiences. A well-trained dog that you call can be safely taken out in the local park, on the beach, on the hiking trail or anywhere else where the owner and the dog want to go.

is relatively simple and simple, and includes praise, treats and other legacies when the dog is wanted by their owner. Once these funds come in when learning the so-called training exercises, there are plenty of entertaining practices that can be used to question the dog and ease its interest.

Transforming training to fun games is one of the best ways to motivate dogs and dogs alike. Training becomes simpler and more boring and it is important to prevent the degeneration of such conditions.

Before starting eating-based workouts, it is important that the dog is properly motivated and ready to respond to the training that is the basis of the treatment. Dog testing simply involves taking a regular meal and dogging the dog before the nose. If the dog shows great enthusiasm for the food, he is ready to start the training. If not, it is best to wait until the dog is in a more sensitive mood.

Treatments that focus most on treatment-based training games, such as cuddlers and dogs, cut at least quarterly or smaller chicken, cheese or liver pieces. In other words, the dog will love you. It's best to use very small pieces to avoid dog overdosing during exercise.

A great game for you and another family member or friend who wants to play with your dog, simply back and forth. This is a great way to teach your dog when a family member comes. Dogs often learn to react only to one person and this can be a problem if other people are watching the dog. This is one of the reasons why professional dog coaches always insist on working with their owner and dog. A well-trained dog must learn to answer the responsible person, not just the owner or the usual operator.

Two or more people stand at about ten feet in the back and raise game, in a safe place, like a sheltered yard. A man calls the dog and asks him to sit down and say while another person does not ask the dog to come. When the dog responds to the incoming command, it will be rewarded. Most dogs respond wonderfully to this practice and love the game. It is important for the game left behind that only the person who has called the dog can let the dog pass it.

After the dog has mastered the game left behind, the people in the game start to spread, turning the game as fun and fun of the seeker. The hide and seek game starts with two or more people in the middle room of the house. Every time they call the dog, they get to where they started. As the game continues, there will be one person at one end of the house, the other on the opposite side. For the dog, it's so fun to have the dog hide and look for the game to find a man to get treatment instead of just bringing it to a man who just gets there. This kind of search behavior is due to the natural instinct of many dogs. After all, dogs naturally hunt animals and food search is the second nature.

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