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On-The-Job training for day-care homes

All childcare staff must be able to provide the services they need for their individual needs. The day care center staff should be able to provide the necessary services and be proportionate to the number of children cared for. The number of staff shall be determined as follows:

o Customer's needs for children.

o Number and type of services provided by a day-care provider.

o Physical management of the daycare home.

o an emergency or a disaster.

The day care center may use the services of volunteers to meet the staffing needs as long as such volunteers are supervised and are not alone with the client's children. Volunteers who provide any element of childcare should be at least 18 years of age.

All employees of day-care professionals must undergo work-related training and have the necessary experience and skills in the following areas:

o Nutrition principles, menu design and preparation and storage of food. In-day children need to be fed at the prescribed time, along with special dietary requirements, at day-care home staff with knowledge of food preparation and food management. Basic training should be given to planning a meal and to know the principles of nutrition that play a very important role in the health and physical well-being of the children they are caring for.

o Universal medical precautions. The members of day-care staff receive training on basic household and hygiene principles. They should recognize the generally accepted principles of healthcare decisions so as not to endanger children to health such as diseases and infections.

o Child Care and Supervision. Training for day-care homes should be provided to enable them to supervise and care for children in the facility. They need to know how to deal with problem children, especially people with disabilities and other health problems.

o Help with medication. Employees of day-care homes should be trained to provide assistance to children when they independently handle medicines. They need to be trained to get to know the appropriate dose of medicines taken by children.

o Recognizing early signs of the disease. Staff members should be trained in how to recognize tables when children are sick and need to know when they have time to use professional or emergency help.

o Availability of Community Resources and Services. Day-care staff should be trained in how to use the community's help when needed. In times of disaster or natural disasters, you need to know where to seek help or help or where to go in case of evacuation.

Well-designed workplace training can prepare day-to-day staff to deal with situations that may affect the lives or deaths of children. The training prepares staff members for any event occurring at the daycare center.

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