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Kumon Review: What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Kumon Math?

Many parents are concerned about mathematical learning for children, some because of their childhood and some because of the child's mathematical knowledge. The Kumon Math program is a natural choice for many parents, as it offers a program where students of all abilities can move at their own pace. Read this Kumon overview to find out the benefits and disadvantages of the popular mathematics program

The Pros

1) More than 50 Years

The Kumon Math program is a system that has improved mathematics

2) Students Receive Daily Worksheets

In addition to learning once or twice a week at Kumon Center, students should be given day-to-day tasks when they are not in the center. The daily exercise of mathematical skills is a sure way to become better and safer in mathematics.

3) Unique Learning Program

Students are based on their work, not through their age and development. The program is based on quick and accurate work

4) builds independent learning skills

Students are encouraged to study the examples themselves to determine the management of new work. This is an excellent skill for students who help them in other school subjects and throughout life.

5) Excellent Mid- and Long-Term Results

Most students who have been on the Kumon Math program for at least 2 years develop fast, accurate and confident math skills as a result of everyday practice

6) cheaper than a private

The Kumon Math program is about one-half the price of a private tutor, all the materials are included in the monthly fee

The Cons

1) More expensive than online math programs

Kumon Math program

2) Teachers are not Teachers

Franchises are men and women with different employment and academic backgrounds who are then trained with the Kumon method. Very few trained math teachers

3) Students find work boring and repetitive

The program will repeat the topics until the student reaches the master. This repetition and day-to-day practice can be difficult for children who use mathematical works in schools

4) Does not cover the entire mathematics curriculum

The program is arithmetic, manipulation and algebra, which is only one third of the mathematics curriculum exposes. Students do not practice (many) geometry or statistics in the Kumon program.

5) Execution of the program may differ from the franchise franchise

Each franchise uses the same program, but some centers will be more stringent to validate the accuracy and speed criteria and how much they teach a student.

6) Use His Own Methods to Teach Mathematical Concepts

Usually, Kumon uses traditional methods of teaching arithmetic and numerical manipulation while most schools

Consider these advantages and disadvantages, talk to your local tutor, other Undo your opinion and talk to other parents to see if the Kumon program fits well with your child.

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